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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm excited!! ALL! THE!! TIME!!!

I am not trying to rain on anyone's bloggy parade, but I have to bring this issue to light. Because the English teacher that lives inside me and talks to me demands it.

I am sure you are familiar with this: !

Right, it's an exclamation point. And it's supposed to be used to show excitement, incredulity, a discharge of tension, an interjection.

It's not to be used after! every! sentence!

Can you imagine if people spoke this way in real life?

Me: Hi there. Are you new here?
Person: Yes! I am new here!
Me: (looking nervous) Oh. That's nice. I'm JulieMom. What's your name?
Person: (crazed look in her eye) My name is Joniferna! Joniferna Rublestein!
Me: (wincing from the volume) You like your name, don't you?
Person: Actually, it's kinda hard to spell! Do you know what I mean!
Me: (looking for way to escape) Yeah. I gotta run away from you now. Bye.
Person: Bye! That's ok! This happens to me a lot!

See what I mean? That's just crazy. Unless you are 100% excited about every! word! you! say! You should really use periods sometimes. Or go out on a limb and use a question mark. Really! You'll be surprised how your grammatical existence opens up when you've put to use all those little punctuation marks God has given us.

And the rest of us can stop covering our ears.


  • Brenda

    Hello. My name is brenda and I am an exclamation point over-user. (!)

    (Hello Brenda!)

    I am also guilty of overusing many other puncuation marks. Just be glad you can read my words and not listen to me in real life!

  • Janice

    Hello. My name is Janice and I am also an exclamation point over-user.

    (Hello Janice)

    (Very :) cute Brenda)

    But I am also a compulsive excuse maker, and well, I just like them!! I am with Brenda, and if you all knew me too, you would realize that this is truly an understating of the actual expression and emotion felt at the typing of the words! If there was something more emphatic available, for sure I would over use that instead! Alas, I am relegated to using these...!... many times, sometimes in succession and on occasion, I will even bold them! :)

    JulieMom, Oh wise woman of all things proper in grammar and Englishy stuff, Could you post on the correct usage of parenthesis? Because I get really confused if what I am saying should be in them or not, and then when you throw in one of these :) or even :0) at the end of a parenthetical statement, it looks funny, kind of like this " :)) " Should these [ ] or these { } be used on such an occasion? Just wondering! :)

  • Mary

    Whoops a daisy! I mean Whoops a daisy? You sure do have have a knack of reprimand (I'm tempted). Are you interested in some tutoring? I wouldn't mind sending my posts over to you first and you can fix a few grammatical errors. I am sure you understand how embarrassing it is for a teacher or a home school mom ( I am the former)to boldly type grammar error after grammar error. How am I going so far? It is very handy to say that it is all the keyboards fault. Because it is!!!!!!!!! Whoops a daisy. ;0) P.S By the way, what does that little thingy mark that I just used mean? P.P.S Did you have anybody in mind when you wrote this blog? Was it me? P.P.P.S Forget it, I best remain ignorant!

  • Mary

    Was I meant to put another(.) after the s in P.P.P.S ?

  • Aunt Bossy

    And another hearty "Amen" from me! I see it's Pet Peeve Week at the Juliemom blog--you sure are punchy lately and I think it's hilarious. (Could be because I can get rather punchy myself, and about the same things.) So tomorrow, you can address how irritating it is when people type ALL IN CAPS. KINDA LIKE THE EXCLAMATION POINT THING, ONLY MORE OBNOXIOUS AND/OR LAZY.

    Now, those of you who know me, know that I could probably get away with using a lot of exclamation points because that pretty much how I talk. But, the English nerd in me won't allow me to do that, and I confess that I frequently proofread e-mails to make sure I haven't overused the (!). I try to keep it at 2 or 3 at the most (3 for a longer message) and they can't be in successive sentences. If I catch myself, I go back and convert the less-exclamatory comment to a simple statement ending in a period. Oh yes--I am that anal. Which is kinda funny, given how loud and outgoing and wacky I am, but it's true. Blame my Dad--the anality DEFINITELY comes from my father's side.

    (Pause here for Juliemom to emit knowing laugh--she lived with us for a year, so she knows just how true that is.)

    I love you in all your snarkiness--blog on, my Julie! Can't wait to see what pressing issue you tackle next...

  • WendyMom

    Oh Janice- you are too funny. You know you just made her hair stand up on end with all those punctuation marks!

    I know that I use these !!! too much- but I have a hard time conveying my sarcasm, loudness, screaming at the computer, and general tone without them. That's what's missing in the typed/written word- all those nuances of tone and body language that really convey what you mean-- so what are you supposed to do? Somehow I think people wouldn't understand me if I don't use lots of commas, exclamation points and runs of periods.....like this. See? That shows you I took a mental pause.

    OK< OK! No snarky comments on my "mental pauses"- you know I have baby brain right now, so be gentle.

    I would seriously have to be weaned off... and I'm not sure I'd be ready anytime soon. Perhaps if the Lord told me to...

  • Joni

    I'm sorry!! I was completely distracted by the usage of my name in this post!! What was it about again!!

  • Brenda

    OK Janice, I have the same problem with the :)) at the end of the parenthesis. I just realized it looks like someone with a double chin!

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