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Friday, May 30, 2008

Foodie Friday

I have a confession to make. This week's posts were all written a while back and have been automatically posted with the new gadget they have here that will post a post for you when you set it for a future date.

Maybe you're thinking: "Why would you do that to us JulieMom? Why not dish up a dose of fresh sarcasm every day? Why do it so far in advance?"

And I have to say this: Because the Prince has been teaching at the college and only one of the chargers for the laptops work. And it wouldn't be mine. So my battery tends to run out if I use my computer for longer than six or seven nanoseconds.

All that was said to inform you that: I didn't get around to making a Foodie Friday early. Because I usually do it the night before from our dinner. But last night I forgot, what with the new neighbors and all.

But that's a whole other post.

So, I will be sending you here, so you can enjoy some chocolatey goodness and have your family love you for stinkin' ever. But if you'd rather have homemade marshmellowy goodness instead, then I must send you here. I hope you understand.

I will get back to posting in real time when we either: (1) Get a new power cord for me. (2) The Prince decides his classes just aren't as important as fresh blog fodder and gives me his power cord. Or (3) I can McGyver something to work that won't kill me or burn the house down.

So needless to say we may be waiting a while. Can you hang in there with me?


  • Mary

    Ok, I'll try! Although I have to say that sarcasm travels really well through time. How can we help you get a new cord?

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