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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Deep Thought Thursday: The Bible is So Cool

Let me just start by apologizing to my concerned friends for 'Sarcasm Week'. I don't know what's gotten into me, but I promise nothing bad has happened to us. These ideas just came to me when I was half asleep (which explains a lot) and they made me laugh out loud. I personally thought they were a hoot. If you are offended by sarcasm, I humbly apologize but wonder how you survived reading my blog this long. All forgiven? Good.

Movin' on.

Lately I have been enthralled with a Bible topic that is really cool. I must admit until I started doing research for this book thing, I knew very little about this subject. But the facts and proofs, and informational available floored me.

I'm talking about outside sources that prove the Bible is true. Now, maybe you are a pastor's kid, or you have taken institute classes about this and you're light years ahead of me. Maybe you're sitting there thinking what a dweeb I am for NOT KNOWING THIS STUFF.

But it was awesome to me and I wanted to share it with you. There is all kinds of evidence to support our Bible. Did you know:

-The Bible contains thousands of fulfilled prophecies? Here are some.
-Archaeologists have found tablets that name things in the Bible previously unproven?
-An excavation in Turkey proves the Hittite people existed?
-There is TONS of science in the Bible?
-The manuscript evidence supporting the Bible is overwhelming?
-Plenty of sources outside the Bible have recorded Bible events?
-Excavations have found numerous structures mentioned in the Bible?

These are just some of the hundreds of websites available with evidence proving our Bible is true. Why is important? Well, remember in school when the teacher would ask you to define a word, but you couldn't use that word in your definition? It's the same with Bible truth. You can't use verses to prove to someone who doesn't believe that the Bible is true. While the internal consistencies found in the Bible certainly help attest to it's truth, they cannot alone convince an unbeliever.

Check out the links, and learn something new. Chances are you don't know everything listed in these links, even if you know a lot. Have reading!!


  • Brenda

    My husband knows a lot of this kind of stuff so I KNOW about it, but thanks for the websites! He will really like those.

    And sarcasm week has been a blast! I haven't had much time to comment this week but that missionary one was a scream! So, what do you eat before bed anyway?

    If sarcasm is a gift--you have it!

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