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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Christian Hoo-Doo

I open my email sometimes and am so excited to see a message from a friend I haven't heard from in a while. I am sure you can imagine how my disappointment mounts as I read an email like this:

"A simple prayer for you today:
May God bless your every waking moment with the knowledge of His love and grace.
May you see His hand in the details of your day.
I pray you will have eyes to see and ears to hear as Christ.
May He bless you as you work on His behalf in a crude and blinded world.
I just wanted you to know I love you and you're in my prayers today."

Or something like that. And interspersed between the phrases would be pictures of Precious Moments figurines and flowers and puppies. Maybe you would ask: "JulieMom, why does that disappoint you? Those words are beautiful. I wouldn't mind if you sent an email like that to me. Puppies and flowers and Precious Moments figurines are the greatest representations we have of Christian good will."

And I would have to agree. Until I scroll down and read the rest of it.

"Send this to five friends, and in five minutes you will receive an answer from God that you've been waiting for. Send it to no one, and never know what God would have said. If you're ashamed of God, He'll be ashamed of you."

That right there ruins it. Are you telling me that I now control the will of God based on whether or not I choose to forward this email? Seriously? Please.

Can I just say that when we, as dedicated Christians, send out these kind of emails we sound ignorant and dare I say, stupid? And why do you feel compelled to send them to everyone in your contact list? Just send it to the ignorant people and leave me out of it, if you please.

If you send this to me, I promise in five minutes you'll get a call.

And I guarantee you won't like that "word from the Lord."


  • Summer in FL

    Oh I sooooo agree! I never forward those things -- I hate them! I'm glad someone finally gets it!

  • Brenda

    I boldly hit delete each time.

  • Janice

    Please email this post to my mom, and DO NOT let her know I asked you to do this for me!! :)

  • Victoria

    Amen, sister!

  • WendyMom

    Yeah sister!

    I am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way about those emails!

    The only thing I will say, is that when my lost step-sister sends them to me, I know she is trying to relate to me on a "religious" level, and I ALWAYS reply to her. I take the opportunity to witness to her, biblically, about the contents of them. She still sends them to me, so I do get a chance to talk to her about God through them.

    As for saved Christians sending them out- I totally agree. Somebody's not reading their Bible.....

    Oh, and I don't want to be standing next to them when they presume to manipulate the God of the whole universe.. I really don't!

  • Mary

    The sad part of all this is that some people are so lonely that they even pour through the junk mail stuffed in their letter boxes. People respond to these manipulations without thinking. Well done for blogging about it.Did you contact the sender and educate her?

  • Aunt Bossy

    AMEN! I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE those e-mails with a passion. They make my blood boil--I am SO with you on this one! Thanks for getting it out there--and the same thing applies to those "Pepsi-Cola is a bunch of Satan-worshipers and we should boycott their products" hoax e-mails. It irritates me to no end that Christian people, who are supposed to be discerners of the truth; who are admonished to be wise as serpents (yet harmless as doves)take no time whatsoever to verify the truth or falsity of such nonsense before sending it to everyone in their contact list. Did I mention it irritates me?

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to vent. One of the many reasons I love you!

  • Sabrina

    I am definitely with you all the way on this one. I happily hit the delete key and move on with my day without thinking for one moment that God isn't going to speak to me in a special way....even if I didn't send it to 5 of my closest friends.

  • JulieMom

    Glad I can provide a venting place for all the pent-up frustrations of my fellow sisters.


    That's just one service we provide here at Castle de JulieMom.

  • Joni

    I totally agree!! I could go on, but I think everyone else pretty much said it all...

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