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Monday, April 07, 2008

Thank You, But No

Since I was a kid, I have always been a bit of a creative person. I loved any kind of craft thing. Besides the normal stuff like scissors, paper, and glue, I had a punch kit. And I thought I was awesome. Until I punched the needle through my leg.

And the paper mache in art class to make pinatas was great too, until I stuck my hands in it and gagged. Then vomited.

I even thought a while back, that I would like to learn to knit. I thought my Princesses could use some hand made scarves to play with/use for winter. The yarn I bought is adorable. It's very thin and has little fringe that runs the whole length of it. Some of it even has sparklies. But did you know that yarn is very slippery? Like VERY FRUSTRATINGLY slippery?

And I recently went with a friend to an embroidery class so I could interpret for her. It was very interesting, and I was inspired to make things for my Princesses. Like embroider designs on little purses, or their clothes, dresses, etc. The possibilities are endless! I could even make matching family uniforms, like we were a bowling team or something. A cool insignia that really represents who we are...like...uh...a bottle of olive oil.

And you would think that I eventually would make something, considering the plethora of free patterns on the web. However, there is one little thing that has prevented, stunted if you will, my progress.

And that would be my craft motto: If you can't do it perfect the first time, give up.

So all around the house there are now little stock piles of beads from jewelry making that I was into a few years back, material for a quilt that never materialized (did you know how much ironing is involved in sewing?!?) and of course now the yarn, and the drawings for designs of cute things I would embroider.

So, if I ever have a give-away here at Castle de JulieMom, you can bet some of the prizes might very well be things to inspire your creativity. And to all you crafty ladies who actually use the things you purchase? I just have one thing to say.



  • impromptu-mom

    Julie, Julie, Julie.

    Sometimes the mess-ups are much, much cooler than anything you set out to make. There really are no mistakes when it comes to crafting! :P

  • WendyMom

    I KNEW there was a reason I liked you so much!!!

    I totally do the same exact thing. A few years back I decided to learn to sew- to make my own clothes- the hubby bought me a machine for my birthday and everything. I made one skirt very simply with an elastic waist and hemmed it-- then was like, "OK, that's done. I know how to sew, no big deal. Now I never want to do that again!"

    I too had bought all the material for a quilt-- then decided the same thing, that the prep for all those little pieces was JUST TOO MUCH!

    Oh, I am such a kidder when I go to Joanne's and leave with enough materials for elevety-hundred projects or so--"And look at this one- it would be so fun to do with the kids..." There really should be warning labels on those packages!

    LOL. and the LOL again!

  • Mary

    In case you ever do a cool give-away such as craft materials, gimmee a holla! My dear hubby says I can open my own craft store with the supplies I own. Do you know how complicated rolled rugs really are? Or candlemaking? Or soap-making?
    (p.s. I just bought shirts at the $1 store and RIT dye for tie dyed shirts. LOL)Stop the madness!!

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