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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh Yes, It's In There...Still

I'm not sure if I've written a post about all the useless Jeopardy information I have rattling around in my brain, so that's what today's is about. See, I learn things well by hearing them. That would make me an auditory learner.

Needless to say there are TONS of commercial jingles ("If it ain't eggs, it ain't breakfast, I love eggs..."), songs from elementary school (like the helping verbs sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle) and mnemonic devices to remember facts for a test (such as ink on your pizza to remember that Pizarro conquered the Incas).

And let's not forget the ever-famous memorized foreign language conversation:

Sylvie Sabine: Bonjour Paul.
Paul: Salut Sylvie Sabine!
S.S.: Paul, comment dit-on 'hot dog' en Francais?
Paul: On dit, 'hot dog'.
S.S.: Et, comment dit-on 'snack bar' en Francais?
Paul: On dit 'snack' bar.
S.S.: Ah, Francais c'est une langue tres simple, n'est-ce pas?

Which boils down to someone asking someone else how to say hot dog and snack bar in French. Which you would say: hot dog and snack bar. Not real helpful now that I think of it.

But I came across a few lines of a poem by William Wordsworth, 'I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud' and I remembered having to memorize that thing in eighth grade. So I thought about it and was finally (after three or four minutes of trying) to cite it word perfect. And then I realized how much a 13 year old can butcher poetry.

There is really no limit to what my mind can retain. No matter how superficial, or unnecessary, I store it away. And you never know when you'll be stopped for one of those 'Man on the Street' interviews and be asked what the words are to the chorus of any Weird Al Yankovic song written in the 80s (I know these thanks to my Brother), or how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, or the name of the man who made the 'Where's the Beef' commercials.

When my time comes, I'll be more than ready. Bring it on.


  • Brenda

    My college roommate knew every word to every country song ever written. She always said if her college courses were country songs, she would have had a 4.0 GPA.

  • WendyMom

    Does the fact that I have NO IDEA what you were talking about mean that I have NO IDEA what you were talking about?!?!

    I do still remember the "Schoolhouse Rock" songs about bills becoming laws, and parts of speech. Maybe because I'm somewhat, ahem, older than you means I have a whole different set of useless trivia inside my head. Mostly words to 80's songs- YIKES> They were bad enough the first time... I just hate when I go into a grocery store and their playing the "muzac" version of them, and I can sing right along. Scary.....

    Thanks for the laughs!

  • Mary

    Do they ever have Team Jeopardy tournaments? 'Cuz girlfriend you shall be my partner. I am the ~ahem~ Trivial Pursuit queen around here. Not that it serves me in real life much! Bible Camp circa 1982ish "For God so Loved the world he gave his only begotten son...." There would be a "key word" of the night and first to stand and recite WON A PRIZE!! (that does NOT fall into useless trivia btw)

  • Janice

    (This is to Wendy, who I could call for this, but this is so much more fun... until I think about the security word...)

    (never mind- I will call her!)

  • Megan

    Ha! Yes, that conversation en francais is really not that helpful, but one we also remember well. Todd is still able to completely recite the poem il a mis le cafe dans la tasse. Good stuff.

  • Joni

    Hey, hey!! I still remember France's national anthem...go figure. I think we all have useless info. rollin around in our melons in some form or other.

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