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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's Not What You Think

Since we've been here in SA, I must admit that I've had a vocabulary expansion. Words here just don't mean what they do back home. So, with that being said, I am planning on doing a giveaway with this one. Really. Since my Dad is coming, I figure I will send the item home with him and he can ship it to the winner for me. EASY!

What you need to do is: Make your best guess in the comments as to what these words (common in American) mean here in South Africa. Some of them could mean the same as in America, or all of them could, or none of them could. I want your best guess, not answers from a Google or dictionary search. Ok? Don't make me get ugly about it.

If more than one person ties for the most right, I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner.

The giveaway will be open until Sunday night, April 13th. Because after that I will just be TOO BUSY WITH MY DAD WHO IS COMING THAT NIGHT to figure out the winner.

So, go tell your friends about this fab contest! (Or if you are a person who implements strategery, don't.) Good luck!

South African Word List
1. Bonnet
2. Napkin
3. Biscuit
4. Chips
5. Robot
6. Boot
7. Paraffin
8. Shame
9. Pap
10. Tinkle
11. Standard
12. Skinner
13. Pips

And of course, you know I ended on an odd number just to skeeve out all you anal retentive people. {{{GRIN}}}


  • Janice

    1. Hat
    2. Diaper
    3. dog bone
    4. big french fries
    5. traffic light
    6. back end :)
    7. hand lotion
    8. similar/same
    9. father/dad
    10. rain/ bells
    11. light pole/flag pole
    12. friend
    13. friend

    And these are all guesses... except one I think I learned when I was in Zambia!

    And if no one else enters... make it a good prize! I know you conveniently left that info out, so when I get a SA paper clip, I won't be too disillusioned!

  • Summer in FL

    Ok, let's see
    1) Hat
    2) What you use to wipe your mouth with
    3) Cookie
    4) french fries
    5) Anything automated? ATM
    6) Shoe
    7) A candle
    8) Unhappy
    9) Dad
    10) #1/peepee?
    11) Someone who stands watch?
    12) A peeler

    Well, I tried to be creative???
    13) Friends

  • Jill

    1. Basket
    2. Apron
    3. Cracker
    4. Money
    5. Microwave
    6. Bum
    7. Bird
    8. Dull
    9. Purse
    10. To Go Potty
    11. Ordinary
    12. Boat
    13. Candy

    It was fun guessing! Your girls must be so excited about Grandpa coming. I miss you.

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