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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Have I Mentioned They're FABULOUS?

This is a picture of (mostly) all of the wonderful people from our home church who are involved with either our prayer group, financial support, or both. They are such a blessing to us! The missions conference started at our church this week, and they all had T-shirts made that have a picture of South Africa on the front and says 'Pray for the Deaf of South Africa'. On the back they have Team JulieMom. (Well, not really. It says our last name.)

They are too cool and I know made all the other prayer groups jealous. We'll have to think of something equally cool but different for next year. YOU ROCK PRAYER GROUP!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!

And Mrs. Kim I would just like to say you're looking great, and I love the new color!!

Don't you wish you had a prayer group as cool as this?!?


  • M.

    Oh, now I know what all those green shirts were for! You have an awesome team!

    I was wondering if one (or all) of your girls might want a pen-pal (or maybe an e-mail-pal). I've been thinking of ways to introduce my daughter Hannah (5 yrs old) to missions in a way that's real to her, and I thought it might be fun to get her connected to someone and praying for a particular family. Thoughts?

  • Janice

    So ... I think we will have bright ORANGE shirts, and they will have hats too, and maybe a FLAG to waive with our families picture on it... and they will have a "team Jalow..." chant to cry out while they march around the church building!!!

    You just try to top That one!!!

    Actually, it was awesome to see! And though they were all too Christian to say anything, all the other prayer groups were jealous, and not a little saddened that they didn't think of it!

  • Mary

    What an awesome group you have! Hey who's that lady with the stroller baby looking backwards at her?? Ms Crack-a-Lack, haven't seen you in ages!

  • Victoria

    What a blessing it must be to be reminded that so many people love and pray for you. Out of sight is definitely not out of mind!

  • WendyMom

    Aw, shucks- it twernt nuthin'...

    All the credit goes to our fearless and awesome prayer group leader E.

    Actually, all the credit goes to Juliemom and family for being willing to go and tell and fight for the souls of the deaf of South Africa.

    Actually.... all the credit REALLY goes to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Glad it was a blessing!

    WE love and miss you!

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