I Chronicles 29:11 "Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty:for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all."

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Deep Thought Thursday: Be an Unconditional Christian

Galatians 6:10 "As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith."

What exactly does it mean to do good unto all men? Doesn't it mean that as Christians we are to try our best to help people when they have a need? That we are to be Jesus to people and try to win them to Christ?

Yesterday's post was sort of a tongue-in-cheek preparation for today's post.

I have made many promises in my lifetime. I have promised to pray for people, promised to help out in certain ministries, promised to watch my friends' kids when they needed me, make meals, etc.

But sometimes I backed out at the last minute because I didn't feel like it.

I let my feelings rule me, and that is wrong.

I cannot let my feelings rule me or a lead in my decision-making. If I did that all the time, I'd never get anything done! I'd lie in bed all day reading and eating chocolate. If I let the way I feel guide my actions, I would slap people who needed it and tell people to 'get a clue I mean why would you think something so incredibly stupid', possibly poison some others (on purpose), and make a complete mess of everything. Not to mention ruin my reputation in the process.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be doing this. You don't have to nod so hard.

Anyhoona, back to the point. Feelings and emotions aren't what is true. They are carnal and totally influenced by our flesh. They can change in an instant depending on our circumstances.

God's Word and His promises are what is true. If He promises to give me the strength I need to fulfill the promises I've made, then that's what He will do. If He's promised never to leave me or forsake me, then He won't. He can also help me to say 'No' to things He knows I don't have time for, so that I don't get overwhelmed.

And He alone can remove all the terms and conditions I place on how I am willing to help people. When I give myself to Christ and really let Him control me, all those things melt away. Instead of following my feelings and running from people's needs, I seek for those who could somehow use some help. Instead of slapping people, or yelling at them because they're idiots, I can calmly show them Scriptures that can help them, because I remember that I am still learning, and changing my faults, and relying on God's new mercies every day.

Thank God he doesn't come to me with a mile-long list of all the times and/or reasons He can't or won't help me.

The least I can do is stop slapping people. Ok, and I promise to get out of bed every day. You sure drive a hard bargain.


  • julie

    Hi, I just came across your blog and really enjoyed my visit.

    I am upset to learn that I am not suppose to lay in bed and read books all the time. Wouldn't that be heavenly every once in a while.

    Great post.


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