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Monday, March 17, 2008

Words You Think Are Words But They Aren't So Stop Using Them

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to their use of the English language. Being an English ENTHUSIAST and WORD LOVER, I am amused by the speech of some. And I try to keep it to myself. Since this is my blog and I can talk about whatever I want, I have compiled here today a list of words people use that are, in fact, not words at all. If you use any of them, I won't point a finger and laugh at you. (But I highly recommend removing them from your vocabulary before someone else does.)

Because we are all about sharin' and feelin' the love here at JulieMom.

Irregardless: The correct word is regardless.
Orientated: The correct word is oriented.
Analyzation: The correct word is analysis.
Mischevious: The correct word is mischievous.
Strategery: The correct word is strategy.
Administrate: The correct word is administer.
Compassionativity: The correct word is, I guess, compassion or compassionate. *But it's hard to tell the usage without a sentence. Thanks Pres Bush!*

Oh, and judgement? Totally spelled WRONG. The word is judgment.


Totally Acceptable Non-Words
Ginormous: Totally stinkin' huge. "That's one ginormous truck."
Honkin': Also totally stinkin' huge. "She's got this huge honkin' zit on her nose."
Wonky: Misaligned or unstable. "Those steps are wonky- watch out."
Skeeves: To give the willies. "Ew, coffee really skeeves me out."
Geekin' out: To think something is cool and be filled with awe every time it comes to mind. "I can't believe he flipped that car. I'm still geekin' out about it!"
That's all I can think of for now. But I am open for suggestions.


  • Brenda

    Wonderful dictionary. Please add: liberry to the list. The correct word is library.

    So sorry for my former snarkiness. It was the "must get everyone ready for trip" stress that just got to me. You know, big ol' honkin stress!

  • Janice

    Thank you for the words...

    while I may know them in my head I am sure I have used-written-posted them or something like them a time or two though!

    My biggest peeve is the "orientated" one! And I used to think the users were smart until that came from their mouth!

    Is correctedness a word? Cause I've heard that one a time or two lately too!


  • WendyMom

    One of my favorites is hunnert (as in hundred.) I immediately associate that with something lower than the Mason-Dixon line. No offense intended, of course!

    While I'm sure my grammar is not perfect, I have been known to literally squirm for people when I hear those types of worlds coming out of their mouths!

    Of course, all my made up words- totally fine! I'm sure those same people squirm when I talk.

    Whatever-- I have to go clean my ginormous sink of honkin' dirty dishes that are skeeving me out now- I'm sure you'd be totally geekin' out if you saw it!
    How'd I do?

  • Mary

    And you didn't include Anywho ????

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