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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Do You Think?

I haven't watched this movie since I was nine. My kids saw it in the video store the other day and wanted to get it, but I told them I needed to look over it again. I was nine in the 80s, and it was a decade of weirdness, for lack of a better word, in regards to films for children.

I haven't looked it up online again yet, but I do remember having such fond memories of this movie. My sister and I must have watched it at least 300 times. I can still remember lines from it. (Which I will NOT quote here.)

So, my question today is: have you seen this movie? Why or why wouldn't you recommend it to my children, or YOUR children for that matter?

Well, I'm off to do some research. I will let you know what I find out. I am sure to be shocked at some things in it that I had forgotten. (That happens to me sometimes- warm and fuzzy memories, then embarrassment watching a movie I had forgotten had bad parts.)

Why is it we tend to remember only good things about movies, and forget there are negative elements? I should start making a list of movies that are unacceptable, no matter how cute the front of the box is...Prince would no doubt recommend a whole spreadsheet in alphabetical order, etc..

Never mind.


  • M.


    I, too, watched that movie more times than I'd ever admit. I remember holding my tape player up to the speaker on the TV and recording the theme song!

    I guess I'd have to watch it again to tell you my thoughts about its moral content...I do remember the boy going to the oracle (isn't that what it was called?) and how they looked - they creeped me out even when I watched it as a kid, but the big flying dog and the kid's awesome horse made up for it I guess, because I kept watching it over and over.

    I'm interested to know what your take is on it now...

  • Janice

    I remember my nephew watching this over and over.

    "Atraiu- say my name! (tears streaming down his visibly warring face) You know what it is! Just say it!"...(walking to the old and rickety window and throwing open the sash...)"MOONCHILD!"

    Wow... I even remember a lot of it! I can only imagine your steel trap of a mind's recollection! :)

    It is like all the other imagination/mystical movies that were/are made. So much cuteness all wrapped up in a really questionable package that our children may never even catch. But what makes that bad? I have no idea! We all have not been scarred and drawn into new age by it... or were we?!? What might have been different in our lives if we didn't watch it? We will never know this side of Glory what we would have done differently if it were not for "Bewitched" and "Peter Pan" and..."The Never Ending..."

    My advice, go with your gut, and after you research it out, realize there are a hundred other things that would replace it, should you decide to not let them see it!


  • Michelle in Mx

    Don't ask me. My kids have watched star wars, star trek, and some Indiana Jones among other things . . .
    Labyrinth is the only movie from my childhood that I would hesitate to let my kids watch now because of all those goblins . . .

  • Brenda

    I never saw it. Let us know what you find out. The one site I know to look at didn't have anything. I think they focus on movies from the last 10 years or so. Get my drift?

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