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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

This will be the first installment of an online book. I don't know what I'm thinking doing this, but here it is nonetheless. I welcome feedback, if you can be kind with your criticism. I tend to curl up in a ball and cry when people aren't kind. :0) Remember that when you comment. I hope you enjoy...


Sarah lay in bed listening to the sounds of the night. She liked that she could hear the crickets and birds from her room. It helped her remember there was life outside. She rolled over and faced the wall, waiting. She strained her ears and listened for any sounds outside her door, any sign that someone was coming. How many times it had happened, she couldn't remember. Her Mother, again, was not home. And though Sarah was only twelve, she was used to putting herself to bed and getting up for school in the morning on her own. She hadn't depended on her Mother since she was six.

The drugs had changed everything. After Father left them, her Mother had been so upset. She met a man in a bar one night and hadn't been the same since. There had been a string of foul-mouthed, violent, drug-addicted men in their home. And her Mother had made sure she could get what she wanted from them. Even if it meant hurting Sarah.

Sarah stiffened as she heard footsteps and laughter in the hall. It would only be a few minutes before she would try to lose herself in the memories of a happier time. Who would it be tonight? How much had they paid her Mother? Would she get any of the money? She hadn't eaten anything since lunch at school yesterday.

She took the final moments of peace to cry out to God in her mind. "God, if you're there, please don't let them do this. I know it's wrong, but I am so small and helpless. Please help my Mother to go back to the way she was. Please help this man to see that I am a child. Please..."

The door opened with a bang against the wall, and a dirty, wild-eyed man stepped into her room. Her Mother leaned against the door frame and smiled a wicked smile. "You know what to do Honey. Be nice." The smile faded and a glare replaced it. "You know what happens if you're not!" And her Mother slammed and locked the door behind her.

The man came to the bed, a leer in his eyes. "Hello, Pet. I'm not gonna hurt you. Your Momma said you asked for me. So, why not show me how pretty you are?" He leaned down to pull the covers back on the bed.

A strength she had never felt filled Sarah. She wasn't going to let this happen again. Tonight she would change her life. From now on, she would control herself. She was tired of being used and abused. As the man pulled back the blankets, Sarah drew back her leg and kicked him as hard as she could dead center in his face.

The pain mixed with the man's drugged condition made him immediately slump to the floor. Sarah hoped her Mother hadn't heard. Sarah was breathing heavily, unsure of what to do next. She looked around her room, then down at the man. His nose was bleeding, but he was breathing alright.

Sarah knew this was it. She would have to leave now, or she would never survive the beating that would surely come from her actions. She grabbed her duffel bag for softball and stuffed it full of any clothes she could carry. She changed into running pants and a t-shirt, then went to the man and checked his pockets. He must have had a fruitful day selling. He had three thousand dollars cash. Sarah took it all, as payment for what he was planning to do.

She slipped her window open and tossed her bag to the ground. Then carefully, Sarah slipped out and shut the window behind her. She didn't know where she was going, just that she had to get away. She ran in the direction of the bus station, not knowing if she had the courage to even buy a ticket.

She was filled with a sense of freedom, but also remorse. What would happen to her Mother now? Sarah had always been the one to look after her, make sure there were groceries in the cupboard, and that the bills were paid.

Well, she wouldn't worry about that now. She stopped at the corner and looked back. She took in the sight of her once-happy childhood home, and burned the image in her mind. She vowed to never come here again. Then she turned and ran into the night.


  • Janice

    Let me be the first to say..."you go Sarah!" Please be kind to this girl... her fate rests in your head!

  • WendyMom

    Very well written! Kinda tough to read the section where the man is talking to her- maybe a shade too graphic? You already have the knowledge that she's been abused... Just a thought...

    Looking forward to see the rest of Sarah's story!

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