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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday or, you know, Not

Hi there interpeeps! This post today will not be the normal 'blog book thang'. Oh, no. I have started a whole new blog for the book here. You will need to go there if you want to keep up with the 'blog book' reading.

Are you happy now Brother in Law?

This post is just for you.

The Prince and I have started exercising together. And while I think it is a worthwhile venture in that my pants aren't so snuggy, there are other results that I like much less.

For instance:

This morning I was in the shower afterwards, (which is a very important part of the whole work out routine- making time to shower. Otherwise you just end up walking around smelling like Lazarus, and people who have never believed before wish Jesus would show up and raise you from the dead already) and it was the time-to-shave-your-legs-before-you-get-embarrassed-by-them day.

And you know in a stand-up-corner-small-type shower that it's not so easy to bend over even when you haven't done eleventy-hundred squats and abdominal planks. But when you have worked out (with your husband who will not let you cheat and do less reps, the creep) your muscles kind of shake.

Just a li'l bit.

I kept picturing myself either stuck in the shower bent in half because the sad muscles in my back couldn't take the pressure. Or bent in that same position with one of my hips a mite dislocated because OH. MY. WORD. THE. SHAKY. PAIN.

And there's always the other issue I have with the whole shaving thing. So I feel compelled to tell you I was a bit skeered for my life. As you can well imagine.

But I made it through the shower, and I didn't even nick myself once. Because I probably would have bled to death for sure today. There's no way I could've crawled anywhere on my own with all the muscle groups cursing me in their native tongues. Which I obviously don't speak, or else I never would have bothered them this morning. In a few weeks, though, I bet they'll be showing off to each other with how good they look. I just hope we're not in public when it happens.

It might mar the ministry for me to pose like Arnold in the middle of the grocery store.


  • WendyMom

    Are your crazy?!?!? You must shave at night after you work out in the morning! It's serious business to tempt your muscles to retaliate like that!

    I am so proud of you for exercising again. I have been going to the gym for about 6 weeks, have lost 19 pounds, and am still going strong. However, at 5 am when the alarm goes off- it can be difficult!

    Oh yeah, the last time I met with a trainer, he was showing me some new machines- which were really hard- and I was whining a little- he actually said to me, "C'mon, you're not even shaking yet!" Nice!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Brenda

    Well I'm very proud of you.

    Proud, but sadly, not inspired. NOT that you didn't make it sound really fun.

  • JulieMom

    Oh, Brenda, where's your sense of adventure?

    Maybe you're just a bit more practical than I gave you credit for.

    Or maybe you're just lazy.

    Maybe. :0)

  • Janice

    I am just laughing at the post because I know who reads this blog.


    Like you are on their feed and wont miss this one for sure.

    Thankfully have wives! Most of them! :)

  • Michelle in Mx

    Two things:
    Kudos on the exercise thing, which as you know I have deep feelings (aches and pains) about!
    and when we were in South Africa we couldn't find showers. Your house has SHOWERS!!?!

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