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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Doctor Will See You Now

As I watch the princesses grow, it strikes me that they each have different love language and gifts. Cinderella absolutely NEEDS words of confirmation. And if she does something well and you forget to tell her, she will say "Mom, you forgot to say good job!'

Sleeping Beauty is a quality time kind of girl. Every night (mostly) I go in her room and lay on the bed with her and chat. Sometimes we both lay there reading our own books, and occasionally she'll give me a snippet of what's happening in her book. Most every night after we kiss them and send them to bed she will stop and turn, 'Are you going to visit me tonight?' Yeah- quality time.

And our youngest, Snow White is definitely a physical touch kind of person. She is always standing close enough so she can lean on me, or wants to be on my lap, or have me hold her hand, etc. Along with this, she also has the gift of caring for others.

To the extreme.

Well, poor Prince was suffering from a bad cold that was giving him headaches, etc. Snow White, seeing this made him lie down on the couch, covered him with a blanket, and brought him a book to read to her. Then she felt his head, and it felt hot to her, so she brought him a hat. Then she snuggled in next to him.

And it is just TOO ADORABLE. Am I right?

The Prince is such a good sport. He actually left the hat on for a while. Well, until after I took this picture. Then he whipped it off. I won't say anything about the pink blanket.

The real medicine though? I think it was snuggling with a cutie patootie on a Sunday night at the end of a busy day. He got so cozy, in fact, that he fell asleep for a few hours there.

I think I feel a cold coming on.


  • Brenda

    I love pictures of Daddy's with their girls. I have a picture of S with a blonde wig and another with a princess hat while talking on the phone. They are wonderful. Plus, who knows when you may need them?

  • WendyMom

    Oh boy- nothing like a snuggler to make you feel better.

    We're going to pray that cold away- or that you get it and can be totally healed by the time PawPaw comes- 'cuz mucous is just no fun when sight seeing!

    Miss you girl!

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