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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Deep Thought Thursday: Focus on the Individual

Can you remember when you last took the time to send a hand-written letter to someone? Since being on the mission field, we have received many letters, most of which have been hand-written. I then in turn take the time to reply in like manner.

There's just something about a hand-written note that says 'I care about you enough to stop what I'm doing and THINK about what I want to say, and write it in my own hand.' Maybe it's old fashioned, what with all the e-mail and technology offered us today. I think it's a lost art form. One we ought to put back into practice.

When we e-mail someone, (at least for me) it's usually a quick reply or a quick note to ask how they're doing, but I'm not really thinking about it. It's sort of mindless. I can e-mail ten people in less than ten minutes and not blink an eye. I can of send them all the same thing, just a tad different. But have a really THOUGHT about what to say? Or am I just going through the motions of communicating, of caring?

So, what's the spiritual application?

Well, I think if we would put into practice the art of taking time for the individual in our daily lives, we could truly make a difference. If we'd think about those we care for in an individual sense, and not just pray a quick "God bless so-and-so, and God help so-and-so.." but really think about people and their individual needs, it would go a long way to reach the heart of God.

After all, doesn't He deal with us individuals? And care for each hurt of every soul?

I don't want to just 'go through the motions' in my relationships. I want to genuinely care for people and their needs. As individuals. Like, sometimes I think of my girls as just that: 'the girls'. But they are individuals with separate love languages, separate needs, and certainly separate personalities. I fear sometimes in my rush to check off my prayer time, I just lump them together and fail to pray for their individual needs.

What they need is a hand-written note from Mom to God that takes the time to show I care for them as individual people.

Wouldn't that be nice?


  • WendyMom

    I am reminded of a funeral I attended for a relative, where I sat in the church and was literally blown away by all the things that were said about her that I never knew. Here was a person I though I knew fairly well, but in actuality, it must have been a very surface relationship.

    That was a very humbling experience for me, and allowed me to see that although I can be very friendly, perhaps I should INVEST in people instead.

    I hear you loud and clear. Thanks for the reminder!

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