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Saturday, February 02, 2008

When It Stares You in the Face

I thought I would share with you today how nice it is to see in your children things you dislike about yourself. I am sure none of you have any idea of what I'm talking about, so let me share with you, in depth, the unpleasantness.

Let's forge right ahead!

Yesterday we had the morning off school. Not because of something *fun* we were all going to do together, not because I was sick and couldn't teach, no. But because the Prince saw the state of Sleeping Beauty's closet, and said (well signed) "You need to take the morning off school to get that closet straightened out."

No argument from me.

(I'd seen the closet and chosen to deny it's existence.)

So, after the REJOICING! and JUMPING AROUND! because there was NO! SCHOOL! AND A TEA PARTY LATER!!! HOORAY! I finally got SB down to business. I sent her into her room to clean that closet.

It did not go as smoothly as I planned. It appears the child has a genetic disorder she had inherited from one of her parents. And not the Daddy one. Basically it's using any excuse NOT to do what she's been kindly asked told to do. By two parents. You would think that would make it a bit more important.

Not for my offspring.

So she commenced to yell at her sisters for bothering her. After fifteen minuted when she STILL hadn't started, I decided to shut her in. Not LOCK, just shut. I thought if the distraction were removed, the work would progress.


After another five minutes of almost complete silence except for sliding desk drawers, I peeked my head inside. She was just finishing her THIRD sign warning people to knock before they came in, and for her sisters to STOP SO I CAN GET THIS DONE ALREADY.

I remind you they hadn't been near the door in almost 20 minutes now. So I asked what she was doing and if I could see her closet. Hence the following conversation.

Me: Um, what are you doing?
SB: Oh. Hi. Um, making signs to keep the girls out.
Me: Oh? I don't remember asking you to do that. What do you remember me asking you to do? Do you remember we spoke earlier? And that Daddy wanted you to do something?
SB: Yes.
Me: So you must be all done. Wow! Can I see your closet?
SB: (shifts uncomfortably) Um, not yet.
Me: (acting shocked) Well, better get to work.

So after wasting valuable work time doing things that had the potential to be good ideas, she got to work. And she finished that closet in about 15 minutes.

As I walked back down the hall, countless scenes from my childhood flashed before my eyes. Scenes where I delayed obeying, or did the opposite of what I was told, or made my own priorities instead of doing what my parents asked. Ooh, I get it now.

Good thing as a parent I also have a genetic disorder. It's called the "Buckle Down Gene."

Though it only works on offspring. Go figure.


  • Mary

    How clever of her to make signs to keep the siblings out!! You see I would have sat down and read a book. And then another, and another...you get the idea. If you find some of that Buckle Down for grown-ups, ship me some. :)

  • Anonymous

    You make me laugh!!! I look at my kitchen, bedroom, kids' room, you name it and do the same thing...choose to deny their existence!! Maybe that's why my house always feels so small.

  • Victoria

    Are SB and my oldest daughter in any way related?

  • Brenda

    Well, my daughter has the "don't really know what clean means" gene. And it also is not from the daddy. She just wanders around not knowing what to do when sent to clean. And it never does get clean.

    And it is VERY FRUSTRATING knowing that she got it from me.

  • Brenda

    Oh and another thing...It's not fair that I spent my entire childhood cleaning a room that looks like that and now have to put up with it more.

    Not. Fair.

  • WendyMom

    No, I would have no idea what-so-ever about seeing things in my kids that I don't even like seeing in myself!!!! (Insert sarcasm HEAVILY here).

    Oh isn't it so cute when God shows us those little nuggets of wisdom? I am finding more and more every day that the struggles I have with my oldest are because we are absolutely cut from the same cloth.

    And, there's only room for ONE drama queen in this house--- ONE, I SAY!! I wonder who it is?.....

    LOL- Love ya tons...

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