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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Ways of Boys They Do Elude Me...

My sweet friend Miss Darline, who sent us the Valentine package, just sent the funniest comment to my email. She thought it pertinent that I understand the boy side of pretend play. It's too funny! I hope you enjoy it as well.

boy 1: My guy just shot the whole platoon. He's the best shooter.
boy 2: Well, my guy just threw a grenade at that company. Then he shot the rest with a 60 (that's a really big gun, just in case you didn't know).
boy 3: Oh, and then my guy just got in a tank and blew up the whole Battalion.
boy 1: My guy just launched a missile too, he got the compound.

They continue to compete like this until they argue about who is being too unrealistic.

Now, they want Mom to get involved.

boys: Mom, would you like to play G.I. Joes with us.
Mom: I'm not very good at that, but I will try.
boys: Okay, this is your guy. His name is Mike (after our cousin Mike, a Marine)
Mom: Hey, Joe, didn't you get a package from your wife today? Any cookies in there?
boys: Mom?!!!
Mom: What, soldiers really miss their families and home cooked things. That is important
stuff. Okay, I will try again.
boys: Okay, get your gear, let's go.
Mom: Do you know where the new mess tent is?
boys: Mom?!!
Mom: What? Soldiers need to eat or they can't fight. They look forward to sitting down and talking with their friends over a meal. They aren't always out fighting. Not fun, Okay. I'll tell you what, you play, and I will listen.

Then she assures me I would want to play G.I. Joes too. And that she will send me some. I told her to go ahead.

After all, we don't have any boy Barbies yet.


  • Anonymous

    The first day that Grace had one of her Barbies "marry" Combat Carl was a traumatic day at our house! THe two should never meet in real life...that is why Barbie has a Ken, especially made with Prince costumes so he in NO WAY resembles Combat Carl. Funny how boys and girls are.

    We were visiting a museum in Vienna and it had a winding staircase in front of a huge set of windows overlooking a garden. Grace and I were "sashaying" down the staircase like Beauty and the Beast and singing and the boys came running down talking about a second assault team that could break through the windows and assist on a dual-level approach!

    And we wonder why we can't figure out our husbands some days?!

    Andrea Pitcher

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