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Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Fever Has Arrived

My wonderful friend Miss Darline sent us a package in the mail the other day. It was CHOCK FULL of valentine-y type things. Which I love. (Not that it's my birthday that day or anything, hint-hint.)


So,we decided to make valentine packets for all the girls' friends at church. There are normally about 7 kids in their class other than them. So, we set to work. And the girls did a beautiful job! Let me prove it:

You will also be glad to note that the messy crafty part was not overly parent controlled.

Look! Glitter Without Adult Help!
(But also notice the glitter is self-contained)

Look! I'm Nowhere Near the Stickers!

Look! Gluing By Herself!

And I didn't even 'fix' them after they girls went to bed. I KNOW!
*happily accepts pats on the back*

We also decided to try our hand at making homemade chocolates. They were a big hit! The flower chocolates are caramel/milk chocolate. The hearts are peanut butter filled milk chocolate, and the white are white chocolate with sprinkles. Yum!

Later I was walking down the hall, and noticed a paper on the floor.

Now, who do we know in this family famous for making signs? That's right! Sleeping Beauty. And this is what it said:

The Spirit of love is just oozing from our pores.

Careful, or you might get some on you!


  • Victoria

    I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who doesn't? :)

  • darline

    It makes me happy to see the girls enjoying the things I sent them. The cards look great. I'm proud of you for letting them do it without assistance. I know you were twitching, but you did good.

  • Brenda

    Here's the audio behind the pictures, folks.

    "Oh Sweetie, now hold this bottle of glue upside down. Good. Just like that. DON'T SQUEEZE IT HONEY!!! Ok, that picture came out good. Now give back the glue."


  • Mary

    glitter? you let them use glitter? oh, it must be that hot African sun, melting your braincells. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! tee hee

  • Anonymous

    wow...I knew I missed you guys but I didn't realize how much until I saw those crafty pictures...by the way, what did the sign say?? I missed something there...


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