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Friday, February 08, 2008

This Should Make Your Weekend

Yesterday the girls were dressed up for a missions conference, and they looked so nice I just had to take their pictures and post them. They are so full of life, and innocence.

Plus, they're just stinkin' cute.

Happy weekend.


  • Anonymous

    Julie - I have really enjoyed perusing (a big word, you know, because I also went to OHS) your blog. You made me laugh, cry and think. And your girls are beautiful, adorable little angels. Your eldest looks like your sister! #2 like you and the littlest like your hubby. I will enjoy keeping up on your adventures in South Africa. Here's a hug.... Sheri

  • Janice

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The pictures!

    So jealous of the sunshine!

    The girls already look older, much more than 115 days older!

    I am going to print a few off and put them in our missionary flip file thingy... updated pics area good thing!

    Love you and miss you and praying for you. All that and more!

  • Michelle

    Yes, they are adorable!

  • Victoria


  • WendyMom

    Oh my, they look SOOO grown up and cute! I really miss you guys when I see pics like these...

    Love ya!

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