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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Road to Avonlea is Paved with Good Intentions

Hi. My name is JulieMom and I'm an Avonlea Addict.

Have you seen this series? The girls and I are in the process of watching every episode of the first five years of the series. If there are more seasons than that, we don't know about it. We have watched for at least an hour (ok maybe two, and some half day afternoons) each night on DVDs we have borrowed from a friend.

All I can say is, that I haven't been so engrossed in anything since the Babysitter's Club Series back in the late 80s. And by engrossed, I mean absolutely, shamefully addicted.

It's such a nice, wholesome family series. The girls are completely taken by it, and it has been a great time for us to be together and watch the kids in the series grow up. They deal with a lot of pertinent topics, and always handle them with grace, and proper discipline (when necessary).

I highly recommend renting it somewhere if you can find it, or Amazon it. I personally wouldn't mind the whole set for a Christmas present sometime (hint hint Prince) even though it is rather costly. And one huge negative is that they aren't captioned.

I say it is paved with good intentions, because the other day I told the girls we could watch it while we folded laundry. And we did fold laundry. But when it was done (the laundry that is) we didn't stop watching. It must have been a six hour marathon. The Prince came home, I made a simple supper, and we went back to the sweet land of make-believe. I promised myself I wouldn't watch anymore until housework, and other things of importance (like homeschooling) were done.

HOWEVER- I would just like to make the argument that, although it takes place in Canada, it would fit with early American history too, and the way things were back then.

Which is TOTALLY history AND social studies.

At least I could make it fit. I'm sure of it.

Anyone else have a similar addiction they'd like to share? I'm all ears.


  • Janice

    You are an expert home schooler already if you can manage to include all that tv watching on your reports! And I am so putting you on the top of my "Greatest Home School Mom's" List! (note- I just stared the list, and you are the top... and only entry!!)

    Well done though! Those little girlies will more remember the time you have than any 'ol science book or addition fact anyhow! It is all about balance I say! Even if it looks unbalanced now, it will even out when it matters!!

    Love you! I still need to get to the post office (she shamefacedly admits) so don't look too hard for your surprise yet! I am saving up my pennies for the postage! :)

  • Brenda

    Hello. My name is Brenda and we are currently on season 2 of Little House on the Prairie.

    We try to keep it down to one episode a day. We are LOVING it. My sweet little daughters, who have eons of alcoholism in their family's past, were gently introduced to the concept of an alcoholic via this show. They are so blissfully unaware. But it was a really nice way to introduce and discuss such a thing. And that, I believe, is called "health class."

    See? Two can play this game!

    Also, the Babysitter's Club? I think they put nicotine in the books b/c as a 4TH GRADE TEACHER I picked those up so I could know what my students were reading and read the FIRST 50 ALL IN A ROW. I COULD NOT STOP! (And I was 25 years old.)

  • WendyMom

    Oh, Brenda, you stole my idea! Someone else with a little 12-step experience, maybe?

    At least you can identify you addiction- and that's the first step to recovery as we all know! Next, you have to admit you are powerless over it.... OOPS, wrong venue! Moving on,,

    Since I am currently reading The Rose Years books- which is an extension of the Little House series, and have to get them from the CHILDREN"S ROOM at the library, I think I can relate! And since I took all SEVEN of them out last time I was there so I wouldn't have to WAIT for them if they were out when I checked, I can really relate!

    For my home, it's any time the TV gets turned on- which is why if I want to accomplish anything (including basic hygiene and toileting), I don't EVER turn the TV on before all the essentials are done. You know it's true that the TV sucks your brain right out your ear and turns you into a staring zombie. Four hours later you come to yourself with drool on your shoulder, kids who are starving, a messy house and a husband due home in 20 minutes. Not that I would know anything about it and all....

    Thanks for the new obsession- I'm gonna check it out on ebay and amazon.....
    Love ya!

  • Brenda

    Um, I'm not a former or recovering alcoholic. But I will admit a weakness for chocolate and Dr. Pepper. I just don't think there's a group for that. Or that I actually would want to attend it either.

  • JulieMom

    Well Brenda, all I have to say is that I can stop watching any time I want to.

    So there.

    **mutters to self** chocolate and dr. pepper...ew....some people have such problems....

  • Joni

    Brenda...we are kindred spirits!! Hi. I'm Joni Webster and I'm a chocoholic...and a DIET Dr. Pepper...oholic...or something like that. HEY!! Maybe we could start our own group...or not...whatever.
    Julie...you always bring up stuff that takes me back...I remember wanting to start my OWN Babysitters Club after reading those books. Thanks for the memories!

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