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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pretend She Said...

I was listening to my girls play, which they do everyday, and I must admit I was getting a tad bit annoyed. The first word out of each of their mouths every time they spoke was: "Pretend..." and then they would finish their sentence.

Whether it was finished with:
"..she said 'No!'"
"...she jumped off this building but she didn't get hurt."
"...you said you wanted me to come over but I couldn't because I had to clean the whole house, and I'm not old enough to drive yet either."

I would think at this point that the 'pretend' part would be pretty well established, and since we know none of these things are actually happening, that we wouldn't have to say 'pretend' at the beginning of every sentence.

But I would be wrong.

Because when children are playing, it matters not that they are in 'pretend' mode, they must remind one another it's not real. I would also think that such reminders would interrupt the flow of play.

Again, I would be wrong.

As I was watching them play, (with British accents and flouncy-type steps of course) I was reminded of a time when I was a girl. I had asked my Mom to play Barbies with me, and she replied: "I don't remember how to play Barbies." As a child, I thought that was crazy! How could you forget how to play Barbies?! That, to me, was like forgetting your own name.

But now, if the girls asked me to play Barbies with them, I would probably say the same thing. Not that I've forgotten, I just don't have the desire. Or the patience.

And saying 'pretend' so much makes me twitch more than a little bit.

So, when asked, I will respond thusly:

"Pretend I want to play Barbies with you, but if I do my head will spontaneously combust, and then it will be a big mess for me to clean up, and then I'll have to pretend it didn't happen, because I'm sure Daddy wants my head intact. But thank you for asking."

How was that?


  • Brenda

    I read the funniest article about a mom who admitted to not enjoying pretend play with her kids (I hear you!). She said whenever she agreed to do it she was left sitting there wearing high heels, strings of beads, and lots of make-up unsure of what to do or say next.

    Just like high school.

    I thought that comment was hilarious!!!! I feel it. My problem is that everything I do or say is WRONG. And I get corrected and told how to do it better. So obviously, they don't think I know how to play either.

  • brother-in-law

    pretend i left a comment

  • brother-in-law

    pretend it makes me feel wierd when i go to make a comment and the heading above the comment box says...

    Give JulieMom some sugar...

  • Mary

    Can we pretend that I am there and not here? I am in Flu-Land. I think it even deserves a post on my neglected little blog. (How can you forget playing Barbies? Did you not have the fabuless Malibu Barbie with the fake tan??? hmm? hmm?)

  • Mr. Young

    Glad to hear it's not just my girls and Madonna who pretend to have English accents.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I remember mom saying that she forgot how to play Barbies...more than once. I also remember us playing pretend in virtually the same way...who am I to judge?? man, I miss you guys!


  • JulieMom

    Oh the comments are too funny! Brother-in-law, I will pretend I didn't read that last comment. I have been meaning to change it but forgot...I will do so now...

  • WendyMom

    Since my son starts almost every play sentence with the words "Yup, and..." but he runs them together so they sound like "Yupand"- and I hear this approximately 347 times a day-- I think I can relate!!

    I think it's hysterical to look at a child's definition of play versus an adult. Every time the husband has a weekend day off (and there aren't 27 projects around the house to do)- he'll be like, "We should do something with the kids today- like a family- the zoo, the aquarium-- something". Then if you ask the kids what they want to do with mommy and daddy, the invariably say "Play games. Play hide and seek" etc. They don't CARE if we go to the zoo or wherever- they just want us to PLAY WITH THEM!!

    And, I will admit that the husband is often better at it than I am- which I attribute to the fact that he only sees them a few hours at a time, and doesn't have 4 hours of school and housework to do at the same time! If I had a wife, I would probably have more energy to play with them too!

    Seriously though-- these years pass WAY too quickly, so get those Barbies out, dust off your inner child and have fun! Regret is a terrible emotion.

    Oh, and I miss you FIERCELY!!

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