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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh The Dryer...It Is Workin' Overtime

Since posting the pictures of Snow White watching the clothes wash, many of you (ok maybe two) have asked about the dryer situation. So today I am posting about the wonderful, beautiful dryer we were able to buy because of a generous Christmas present from Grace Baptist Church in Lees Summit, MO. Thank you supporting church family!!

I will now extol the virtues of this dryer.

1. It is white and matches our washer.
2. It opens right, our washer to the left, making transfer of laundry a breeze.
3. It heats our house for the winter.
4. It fits under the kitchen counter.
5. It gets our clothes super-dry and smelling great!
6. There is absolutely NO static cling. No dryer sheets needed!
7. There is no venting. It is a condensation dryer

(Which means we empty a water tank when the load is finished. So easy!)

8. It obeys my every command. I'm thinking of legally adopting it.
9. It doesn't take hours, nor does it make the garage look white-trashy.
10. In rain, snow, sleet or hail, this dryer dries the clothes without fail.
11. It is the perfect height to use in practical household training for the kidlets.

And I purposely left off on an odd number just to bug those of you who like things done evenly.

It's one of the best Christmas presents I've gotten in a long time. Praise the Lord!!


  • WendyMom

    Now my bloggy-equilibrium is ALL out of whack! You can't leave us hanging with an ODD number! You just can't.

    I've never heard of a "condensation" drier before, but seems like a great thing to use in a rental house/apartment so you don't need venting. I'm so glad that God provided you with it!

    I'm hoping to send you a long email soon updating on the family and fun around here- but right now I have to go start school, and I have re-implemented the "cleaning schedule", so when all that is done, I'm hoping to sit down and get it written. Love ya-

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