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Friday, February 22, 2008

Foodie Friday

It's a new feature here at JulieMom, Foodie Friday. Every Friday I will bring you pictures and recipes of something we've dared to try during the week. I think you'll be pleased with this week's entries, and may even want to try them for yourself!

Today's Recipes: Toasted Ravioli and Amish Fry Pies

We'll start with the toasted ravioli, because we all know we should have something solid before eating five or six fruit-filled pies. Right? Here we go.

Toasted Ravioli

(1)2 eggs (2)Splash milk (3)Salt & Pepper (4)1&1/2C Italian bread crumbs (5)1/2C
Parmesan Cheese (6)Olive Oil for frying (7)1&1/2t dried parsley (8)Ravioli-frozen or fresh

1. Beat eggs with milk. Season with salt and pepper.
2. Combine bread crumbs with cheese and parsley.
3. If using frozen ravioli, boil according to package directions, then drain on
cooling rack over a baking sheet or paper towels.

4. Heat few Tablespoons of oil over medium heat in large skillet.
5. Coat ravioli in egg, then crumb mixture.

6. Cook ravioli in oil until deep golden brown.

7. Serve hot with your favorite sauce.

8. Thank JulieMom for a delicious recipe.

Unfortunately the next recipe is not as well documented. But there are a couple of pictures.

Amish Fry Pies
Dough:(1)2&1/4C All-purpose Flour (2)1/2T Sugar (3)1/4T salt (4)3/4C shortening or butter (5)1/2C water (6)Thick fruit filling (any kind)

Glaze: (1)1 lb. Powdered sugar (2)1/4C cornstarch (3)3T powdered milk (4)1/4 t vanilla (5)1/2C warm water

1. Mix together glaze ingredients-stir until smooth. Set aside.
2. Combine flour, sugar, salt in a large bowl. Cut in shortening or butter until the
size of peas.
3. Add water a little at a time until moist and gathers into dough. knead until
smooth. (2 minutes)
4. Melt butter or shortening over med high heat. Keep hot.
5. Pinch off a circle of dough about 2 inches in diameter, and roll into a circle.
6. Place 2T of filling in the center of the circle, and fold the dough over it,
making a half circle shape. crimp edges together with a fork.
7. Place in hot butter or shortening, and fry until golden brown.

Dip into glaze, coating both sides well, and let cool on racks over wax paper.

8. Again thank JulieMom for a wonderful recipe!


  • Megan (FriedOkra)

    Hee hee heee and they're both so heartsmart, too! :)

    They both look delicious. My poor mother tried my whole childhood to get fried pies "exactly right" and failed each time (by her own standards, I mean, which are way too high). We enjoyed all the experimentation though! YUM.

    Great idea, Foodie Friday!

  • WendyMom

    Um, I'm sensing a pattern here-- coat something with a fatty food item and fry it. Then put more sauce on top.....

    MMMMMMMMM! Since I started Weight Watchers a month ago, my enjoyment of these recipes will be strictly through your blog- but WOW, they look good. I actually COULD eat them, but then I wouldn't be able to eat anything else the rest of the day...lemme' think about it....

    You've always been a great cook (except for the unfortunate "Chocolate Cake Incident of 2007"), so I'm sure they both turned out great. Did the family like them? How about the Prince? I didn't see any feta cheese in the recipe- will he accept parmesan instead? LOL.

    Love ya--

    P.S. I miss our "communal" cooking times....

  • Joni

    Wait a minute....is Wendy unaware of your attempt to make Black Forest cake in...oh, I forget the year, but when you lived in Spencerport??? Yeah, that was pretty lopsided, but we had a lot of fun shoving our faces in it!!! I might actually try these recipes...you know how us "southerners" love those fried foods!!

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