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Monday, February 25, 2008

A Family Outing

Since moving to SA, we have not done any of the tourist-y type things. NOT. A. ONE. And since the Prince starts teaching at the Bible College today, we figured yesterday would be a good day to check out the lion park.

It was not a good day, it was a great day. Probably the most fun we've had as a family in, oh I don't know, forever.

What you do is drive around a game park in your own vehicle and look around at the lions. And all the other animals there. It was really cool. Really cool.

The one story I will tell before I let the pictures speak, is that when we were coming into the area that separated the gated lion areas, we saw the entrance to one was roped off. The man in charge there said we could get out of the car and walk with him to see the lions, because they were all in a pen while a fence was being fixed. So, not wanting to miss anything, Snow White and I got out. Then the Prince had a moment of clarity and said "No. Get. In. The. Car." Good thing too, because when we drove out of the area (7 feet ahead of us) there was a whole pride of white lions outside the gate!

Praise God the Prince has common sense. I was all ready to follow this man into the "bush" of the game reserve, youngest princess in tow, when real life lions were seven feet away. My, my, my...

Anyhoona, here are the pictures.


  • Anonymous

    Its hard to pray for you guys while your "suffering for Jesus" when i see pics like that. Very Very Cool!

    Brother - in - Law

  • WendyMom


    My kids were just saying yesterday how much they missed yours, and are already making plans to play with them when you are home on furlough. (I didn't tell them how long that might be...sniff, sniff.)

    BUT, then I saw this post, and felt like I was right there with you guys. How totally awesome and fun! My kids were "oohing" and "aaahing" accordingly- wish we were there.

    So glad you took the time before J starts teaching- no matter what the brother-in-law says!

  • Anonymous

    That looks like it was fun. My little guy wishes he could have been there with the girls to pet the animals.

    I'm glad you took time for family fun.


  • Janice

    WOW~!!! These are great pictures! I am so glad you got to have a great day! My little Vannah just LOVES seeing the girls! Forget that they were petting tiger and lion cubs! And that that giraffe tongue could have given her a whole new hairdo!!! She also commented on your white flip flops!! Such attention to detail she has!

  • jen

    oh, I so wish I could HUG A GIRAFFE!!!! how cool is that?

  • Joni

    okay...I missed the white flip flops...where were they?? Anyway, you guys are truly blessed to live where you are. I definitely miss you and your WHOLE family. Please give them all hugs and kisses for me!!

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