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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pea Soup For Dinner Anyone?

Have you ever had times when your kids wake you up so often in the night that you just give up and get out of bed? Never mind the fact that your head didn’t hit pillow until 1 AM. Well, let me just tell you what happened to me last night.

My head didn’t hit the pillow until 1 AM and the kids woke me so often that by 5 I just said ‘Oh forget it!’ and got out of bed.

And now I am paying dearly for it.

If I could’ve just held on a little longer.... If only I could have ignored Snow White’s knees in my back.... If only I could legally drug them to sleep in their own rooms every night...

And I will tell you that after my waking bravado, my body tricked me into thinking it was full of energy. So after spending an hour and a half in my Bible this morning, and reading some very sobering stories of lost people’s dying speeches, I made biscuits and gravy. Homemade everything. Because in the beginning of the day my body forgets it didn’t sleep but a wee bit.

And now I am paying dearly for it.

Well, after we finished school today, which was great by the way because we learned about the sense of smell and even had a blindfold test and everything, I declared it quiet time and let the girls choose what they wanted to do. So they chose to watch a DVD in Sleeping Beauty’s room. Fine by me. I thought I would lie (lay?) down for a little while, get refreshed, and get up.

It pains me to say this was sadly not the case.

Those girls were so eerily well behaved that I slept for three hours! I am not a napper people- that’s just nonsense! Especially in the middle of the afternoon when I have a ‘List of Things To Do’ that needs done-ing. There was not time allotted for a nap.

And now my head feels just a tad cloudy. If you can imagine. Like I’m not really here, just floating around pretending I’m here. And I don’t remember much about what I dreamt, except I remember thinking I heard the lawn mower guy, and cringed because the girls left a paper outside and I didn’t want it shredded in the yard- but I do remember waking. Snow White came to me and whispered in my ear:

SW: Mom, we didn’t have desoht. Aftuh lunch.
Me: (foggish due to recent wake-age but still registering we never have that) There isn’t any.
SN: There are cookies on the countah. In the kitchen.
Me: There isn’t any frosting. (Like that makes them somehow inedible)
SN: I don’t cayah. Can I have one? PLEEEEASE?
Me: Sure.
*Feet pattering down the hall tile, and pattering back*
SN: Momma- I brought you a cookie.
Me: (waking again) What? I don’t want it.
SN: Oh, then can I have it? It’s a flowah one.
Me: Sure. (Slumping head back on pillow)

*Enter Cinderella*

Cind: Mom, did you know it’s 13:00?
Me: (Thinking internally) 13 o clock? Is there such a thing? Am I dreaming?
Cind: (Repeats former statement)
Me: No it’s not. It was 13:00 when I went to sleep. Six days or so ago.
Cind: (Leaves room)
Me: (Squinting at clock to make fog dissipate from my eyes) ACK! It’s 4PM!!! ACK!!!

So then I got out of bed, tried to shake the cobwebs from my brain- to no avail I’ll have you know, and moseyed down the hall. Oh the utter destruction that faced me as I went! But it is now all nice and tidy, and I feel a bit better. Except for that whole cooking dinner thing. Blah. And the thick sleepy pea soup-like fog. But I will do it because the Prince is working hard to remodel the church and will be hungry when he gets home. Any suggestions? I was thinking spagh- nope we had that last night. Burge- nope. No meat thawed. Hmmm... how about pea soup?


  • Brenda

    Oh, I SO know that feeling. I HATE naps. No matter what I wake up feeling weird. And after waking up at 4pm HOW do you go to bed that night?

    I love the spelling of your daughter's speech. That must have taken some work to type up! :)

    YEA for internet at your house!!!!

  • Victoria

    I figure you must have NEEDED that sleep!! What did you end up making? If you have vegies and some oil - stir fry is always a great last minute meal - with rice or noodles. But, in Africa, I'm clueless as to what is available!

  • Beth

    It was so great to hear your voice today!!!! Even though we kept getting cut off.

    Loved your post today!!!! I have to admit pea soup doesnt sound very good to me. lol.

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