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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's Take a Trip To Crazy Town, Shall We?

I am a bit neurotic.

A smidge anal retentive, if you will.

But only concerning some things. So, let me 'splain.

I am a homeschooler. And I know it's all one word, no matter how many times the spell checker tells me it's not. And as a homeschooler, I school my children at home. I have a 7 year old, an almost 6 year old, and a four year old.

The older two are both in first grade and doing great. The other one? She could basically care less.


We do a sticker book for her school. (For now, she is only four you know.) It is filled with colorful stickers of shapes, letters, numbers, colors, animals, trucks, and stuff like that. And I love it. She does too. The premise of this book is that you find the appropriate sticker and place it on the outline where it belongs.

My issue is that she wants to put them in the book herself.

Normally, I wouldn't care. It's just that she gets the stickers, well, crooked sometimes. Even when she's being careful and everything.

And it makes me twitch.

Today we were working on 'construction trucks'. I was a little pressed for time, so I was 'helping' put the stickers in for her. More than once her finger people (um, her actual fingers that she pretends are people who help her do her school and talk in different high pitched voices) asked when it would be their turn. Shame.

I just couldn't bear the thought of all those crooked stickers. I mean, is it normal to want to get her book out after she's gone to bed and straighten them all? Or to include some sort of straight edge in the sticker application process to ensure their levelness? I know your sticker-putting-on skills are not a measure of intelligence, so WHY IN THE WORLD DO I OBSESS SO???? Anyone out there a bit like me?
Anyone who will admit it?

I also have a breathing technique I use when we drive on the highway. It includes breathing out when I pass one mile marker, and breathing in when I pass the next one, and so on. You can imagine when we're going fast how many times I almost pass out.

I know, T. M. I.

Did I mention I'm a bit neurotic?


  • M.

    My daughter has one of these books, too, and yes, I have "assisted" her many a time with it. I especially like those set of stickers that make a puzzle - a puzzle that should NEATLY fit together. Hmmm. You're a blessing - nice to know there are others like me. :)

  • Mary

    STEP AWAY FROM THE STICKER BOOK!!! Let the poor child do it herself and twitch in private. (go in the bathroom, they'll never find you, at least for 30 sec) I love ya!

  • Brenda

    Well I'll tell you the truth, I probably used to do too much for the girls, too b/c I could help them make it so much nicer! But then I watched my mom fuss over something with one of the girls one day. I know my mom was just trying to help, but she sounded so critical! It cured me. Now I just look away and say, "Great job baby!" when she's through.

    And, um, my niece has fingers that walk and talk too.

  • WendyMom

    OK, now I know how hard this is going to be for you, but you seriously must STOP! NOW!! STOP, I SAY!!

    Whew, now that I got that out!

    I had a day like that with my two older ones where we were making "cards" for people from a card kit I got for Christmas from Joanne's. I kept finding myself "gently" correcting their placement of items on the cards (and yes, I was twitching at the time), until the oldest said to me, "Momma, do you think the people we give these cards to will LIKE them because we made them, or because they look so nice?" GULP!

    Don't you just hate when God drops that anvil on your head through your innocent kids?!?!? And you know how she said it too....big blue eyes and all...

    You know what you need to do..step away, deep breath, and praise her for the effort.

    Thank God He doesn't come back through after we're done and straighten our stickers!

    Love ya tons- Wendyherman01

  • Victoria

    And I thought I was alone!

    Thanks for the clarification in the spelling of homeschool, etc. I feel I've been bullied by that spell checker way too many times. Kinda like me, my kids, and sticker books!

  • jen

    I must say I love it that her fingers are people! I'm always in awe of the creative minds of little children.

  • Janice

    Girl, it is a good thing you are where you are. We might all come to you otherwise and insist on some kind of intervention! PLEASE!! Are you going to display this book proudly on her wedding day? Do you even have a Local School district gestapo that will insist you report all the sticker applications regularly and completely!? Enjoy the freedom! And if you must, get your own sticker book! Just because my children are nearly graduated and can barely write their own names... that doesn't mean I have low standards!!! HA!

  • Aunt Bossy

    Ha! I TOTALLY understand, and you know better than most how true that is, hence no big speeches from me to step away from the sticker book--unlike some OTHER people who shall remain nameless (Mom)...oh, wait--her name's right on the comment...anyhow...

    Give the girls a smooch from me, and you tell Snow White's Finger People that I said that the lines are our friends. :-)

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