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Friday, January 18, 2008

It's A Fear Thing

Welcome to the wonderful world of nasty African bugs. It's now my world, and as you can imagine, I am none too thrilled. Let me illustrate the point:

This picture was taken after we had pulled some weeds in the flower bed out back, and this sweetie came crawling out. Well, we mentioned in the last post that The Prince is a manly man, so he grabbed it, and insisted I take his picture holding it.

I was afraid to get too close. Even so, the picture captures amazing detail. So much so that you may have noticed The Prince's hand looks a bit feminine. Like the long pinky nail. Perfectly sculpted. And maybe even a hint of a french manicure thing going on.

Ok, so it's not his hand.

And this is not from my camera.

But you would think this was the bug we all saw tonight flying around the dining room. From the commotion we made, and ALL THE SCREAMING FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME and all. You may even get the idea that we're skeered of bugs or something. Let me just remind you:

BUGS is a four letter word.

It started out innocently enough. We had our missionary friends over for a lovely lasagna dinner. (only you can't get lasagna pasta here. It's rare, and when you find it you will pay a nice $4.00 per box. So we had 'not-sagna' with long macaroni instead.) Homemade focaccia bread, and salad accompanied the meal.


After everyone left and it was just us again, we noticed a large insect-type thing on the kitchen wall. It was pretty high up, and I thought it would stay there. Well, we decided to show The Prince the birthday card Sleeping Beauty got from Papaw. While we're all oohing and aaahing in front of the computer, a large-ish flying thing dive bombs us out of nowhere!

All the girls immediately yell "MOM!!" While I am waving my hands in the air and telling The Prince to "Get it! Get it quick!"

The girls and I are all huddled at the end of the dining room table, ducking and cowering, and The Prince and said Bug-thing-gone-dive-bomber are locked in a sort of "Death Dance" where The Prince is trying to feel out its moves, bobbing up and down, to see which way the bug will go next.

I am a big proponent of knowing the enemy and all, but not when it's a bug. Especially not a big bug that could hurt me. And the longer it swoops above us, the larger it grows. And the beadier the eyes. Not that I could actually see them, but I can imagine. Well, it eventually evades even The Prince's dance, and takes up residence somewhere in the curtains.

I take this opportunity to calmly tell the girls to RUN! RUN TO BED NOW AND DON'T LOOK BACK!!! Hoping, of course, that I can join them soon.

Shortly after they leave the room, IT emerges again. The Prince and I watch, and I seem frozen in place until it comes near me. Then I SQUEAL, and FLAIL, and TWITCH.

It was my only defense.

Then The Prince, using his coveted Nike Sneakers, GETS IT!!! Oh, my HERO!! I wanted to hug him and kiss him and tell him how brave he was.

But first, I had to see what was left of the carcass.

It was a one inch moth.

And not even a very hairy one.

They must look bigger in the air.


  • Megan (FriedOkra)

    Bugs don't normally bug me, but that picture is GROSS!

  • Victoria

    Sorry, but that is FUNNY! Mainly, because it's not flying over MY head!:) I would react pretty much the same way! Good thing your company was already gone!:)

  • Brenda

    Yes, I agree with Victoria, the guests might have been scarred for life if they had been witnesses to your family's wonderful "handling" of the sitcheeashun.
    Instilling bravery in your daughters like you did is very noble.

    If I had been there--I could have totally added to the volume in the room.:)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Sleeping Beauty.

    Uncle Matt, Annie and Lisa

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