I Chronicles 29:11 "Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty:for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all."

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Call Next Dibs on the Sun!!

Ok, so why are you northeastern American people stealing the sun and keeping it all for your very own selves? We here in what should be sunny South Africa are freezing! Well, ok not freezing, but very frustrated that laundry is not drying on the line when it should a no brainer.

The past week has been wet and cold. And when I say cold, I mean that I have been wearing turtlenecks. That's cold. It should be summer here, like in the 90s. But the sun has refused to shine. *boo-hoo*

Ok, enough about that. I have an announcement to make:


Aren't you happy for me?

Because now this means I can post with a little more regularity. And fill your days with the endless drivel you've come to know and expect from this here blog.

You know you're ecstatic.

And yes, I did spell that right.

So, I will be thinking about the next fascinating portion of our lives to share with you. And when I have an interesting way I can share it, I will be back. Oh yes I will. Though it may take me a while, seeing as how I am up to my elbows in my "List of Things To Do."

And yes, they are all of equal importance, and have been put on back burner to type this post which, I will have you know, wasn't even on the list to begin with. So- time's a wastin'!

I am hosting my first Bible study with the ladies in my neighborhood today. I would invite you to come, but it will only be the wee hours of the morning at your house. Maybe next time.

So, be happy we have internet, pray for my Bible study to be helpful, and get your "To Do List" accomplished before you waste valuable time on the internet like I have. And come back daily to see if I've found a way to be witty. Chances are I haven't, but it could happen. Never know!


  • Janice

    YEAH!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! You probably feel like your right arm has been reattached!

    KP leaves tomorrow... he looks forward to you visiting him in the spring!

    I DON'T have your email... would you send me an actual land address for you? I'm not saying I have anything up my sleeve or anything... I just need to know how to get a letter to you... yeah, that's it!

    Missing you all the time, and I love you and those smiling girlies!

    janandco.7@gmail.com ... do it now!!! Please?!?!

  • Beth

    Hey Julie, So glad to hear that you have internet now. I am also glad to read that you all seem to be adjusting well. I dont know if your dad has told you but my dad had a heart attack last monday. (the 7th). He is doing well though. Well just wanted to say hello and let you know we are praying for you all and miss you bunches.

  • Victoria

    YAY!!! We take it so for granted how quickly things move in America. I thought 4 days was a long wait for internet! When I think of complaining, I remember you all and others like you living so far away.

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