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Monday, January 21, 2008

Drop an Anvil On My Head, Please!!

Oh, it's been one of those days.

Oh yes it has. And the only way it could be complete is if, just like in the cartoons, someone would drop an anvil on my head. Or a piano. That might be nice.

It started this morning.

Doesn't it always?

Well, this morning I woke up IN. A. MOOD. I can't 'splain it to you. I was just in a nasty funk. And I may or may not still be in said nasty funk, but at this point I don't really see how that's your business. We're talking about this morning, not now.


We recently purchased a dryer. As in a machine that will tumble your clothes with hot air, and in less than (or about) one hour will have them warm, smelling good, and DRY. We made this purchase because of the seemingly endless cold weather and rain. And because the laundry 'round here multiplies whenever you leave the room. Like all the lost socks in the world have suddenly found their way home, and into my hampers. My own personal hamper looks like a pot on the stove in which the popcorn you are making to enjoy a nice family movie has over-popped. By four or five pounds.

What're we talking about? I got into the analogy there and lost my train of thought. Yes! That's right. *growl* The Dryer *growl* It has been sitting in my garage for four days. Which would be fine if I could use it. But I cannot. Because there may be leaky-type gas fumes in the garage which are at levels that my limited nasal region cannot detect, and I could blow the whole neighborhood into Madagascar should I decide to dry some Strawberry Shortcake skivvies. And these alleged fumes mean we would have to elevate said dryer 18 inches off the floor. The Prince will have nothing to do with it.

*Thing* number one contributing to THE. MOOD. is the inability to do laundry. I am twitchy and uncomfortable with the fact you know my shame.

*Thing* number two is the plug in my kitchen wall. Both the fridge and freezer are plugged into it. Well, two minutes after the Prince left on business the fridge stopped working. So I did what any experienced electrician would do. I tapped the adapter with my fingers. And saw sparks. So I turned the plug off. (We have special plugs here in SA that you can turn off. I know. We're cool like that.) And pulled out the adapter (with quite a bit of effort I might add) only to find that one prong (metal, mind you) had been nearly melted through! Nice! (Is this too many parenthesis for you?)

So I moved the freezer (by myself) into the living room, and the fridge in front of the kitchen sink. It may prove to be a helpful thing yet. But I seriously doubt it. I don't usually defrost meat in the living room.

*Thing* three is that my computer will no longer connect to the internet we have at home. It has DLL errors, and refuses to cooperate. You best believe this adds to THE. MOOD.

*Thing* four is that our beloved Honda Bellade will not cooperate with the whole we-fixed-the-radiator-now-do-your-job thing. It continues to boil and do things I don't like that limit my travelling, and make the Prince twitch. He thinks this next fix will take care of it. He's like the Benjamin Gates of car mechanics. One fix leads to another...and another....

*Thing* five would be that Snow White, trying to do something that only she could know the purpose of, spilled her milk on the kitchen floor and also the top of the garbage can after I had mentally just closed the kitchen because it was clean. And I cried over spilled milk. Yes I did.

*Thing* six is a phone call I received before the fridge/freezer incident in which I agreed to let an estate agent come to the house at 10AM tomorrow to take pictures. Because the person who owns the house we're renting is selling it. And I'm not sure that a fridge in front of the sink, piles of laundry that multiply by the minute, and me defrosting meat from the freezer in the living room will be good advertising. Although it is real life.

So basically the only thing left to really make my day would be to have an anvil or piano fall on my head.

Any takers?


  • Brenda

    I have contacted the A.C.M.E. anvil company and they are sending one right over.

    It should arrive in a wooden crate this evening. HOWEVER, if you see a very fast bird go by and say "beep beep" before that time....watch out.

    And yes, real life is not so pretty is it? AND, it's OK, I got lost in the popcorn analogy too. It's really quite fitting for my laundry situation right now too. I liked the analogy.

  • Victoria

    Oh wow.


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