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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Well, The Time Change Has Officially Won

Well, the first night was great, because everyone was just so stinkin’ exhausted that we sacked out and Cinderella slept until 10AM the next day. But now that we’ve had a whole day or two of running around town, the kiddos have woken in the middle of the night. Repeatedly. And remember how before I told you their bladders are on a timer? Well, now so are their sleep clocks apparently.

And what a joy it is to serve them individually.

But I won’t get into all that, because there’s much better stuff to share.

Like, we bought a car!

And it only took two days!

Why are you laughing?

Let me just tell you the specs on this car. It’s a 2000 Honda Bellade? With 61,000 miles on it. It has some scratches, but they’re going to fix that on Monday. It’s an unheard of deal here. And it’s the newest car we’ve ever owned. It’s pretty too, see?

It was not that fun for The Prince and Uncle Chris dealing with the rigamarole related to car buying. But now that we’ve got the whole “banking-from-afar” thing down, we are ready to go! Tomorrow we will start looking for our permanent housing. But before we do that, I wanted to give you a picture of the living room area of where we’re staying now.

I know, all you North Easterner Americans are wondering what the brightness on the left side of the picture is. I would have to remind you that’s what the sun looks like. Because I’m sure you haven’t seen it in a while, considering it’s fall.

This second picture is our patio out the bright side of the previous picture. Plenty big enough for the girls to run around on. If we were home long enough for them to do so, I am sure they would love it. But they may never get the chance. Because The Prince and I? We have things to do. Whoo!!

And you know it wouldn’t be a complete photo extravaganza without me sharing some nature shots. Like these:

Yesterday the girls and I hit the mall with Mrs. Chris. (Which is what they call Uncle Chris’ wife- I have no idea why.) And we were there ALL DAY LONG. Hence the necessity of this next picture.

Now, don’t misunderstand, I like to shop. But after just moving across the country, I must admit that I was dragging. And a bit dizzy. But the Lord is so good!

Because when we were at the grocery store (yes, in the mall) I met a worker there who asked me if I was finding everything ok. We were chatting about why I moved here, and then she told me she was a Baptist, and had accepted Jesus Christ in 2005. Then she shared part of her testimony. Whoa! So cool! We exchanged information, and I tell you what- I felt a little more awake after that. Please pray for Thomtenko to stay faithful while on vacation.

Later, when we were at the produce store (yes, on top of the mall) I was buying drinks for the girls, and a man from India was in front of me. I put my things on the counter and said ‘Excuse me.’ He looked straight at my face and asked me “Are you a Christian?”

It was so weird. Then he proceeded to say a prayer for me that God would keep evil away from me, and that His hand of blessing would be on my life, etc. Then he was gone. Seriously. It was WEIRD. But cool.

So, that was the play by play today. I better go for now because it’s 2AM here, and um, the girls should be getting up any minute. And Lord knows I don’t want to miss that!


  • Summer in FL

    Wow! Really does sound like things are falling into place exactly as planned. I'll pray for you -- that the girls will adjust pretty quickly so that you can get some rest. Thanks for keeping in touch -- I love hearing from you!

  • SarahHinds

    I showed my girls all the pics they love seeing the girls. They liked the pic of the shopping cart. We miss you but are so happy that you all made it there safe. And all that GOd is doiongt in your lives right now and what He is going to do through you and your wonderful family.

  • Kotzeblue

    Julie I am so excited for you! And your new car looks great BUT did you happen to notice that the steering wheel is on the WRONG SIDE!!!!!!! You better go check to see if the Prince can fix that:)
    Love Jill

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jules- Billy Wood here. Chillin with the Brado's and saw your blog. Want to remind you guys that Shan and I love and are prayin 4 u.

    Give Jimmy and the kiddos my love.

    Hallelujah to ya!
    Bro. Billy

  • Dave

    Well since someone already got to the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car joke first....I'd like to move on to ask you why you did not buy the Smart car in the background?

  • Anonymous

    Hello! Lisa and I looked at your pictures (Matt is at work). I read it to her and she shouted "Jesus good to dem!" I smiled and responded "yes he is!" Glad to hear things are going smoothly during your transistion. No winter for you guys this year what with the equator flip.
    **Hugs and prayers**

    Annie & Lisa

    p.s.- I feel I need to explain... The reason I seem to sign it 'Annie & Lisa' so much is because with the commute to and from Matt's job he is gone from 1:30PM to 1AM! so we don't see him very much anymore. :`(

  • Brenda

    And getting up with them when they were babies wasn't practice enough for this???
    Oh yeah, you get the amnesia after a while. I have it bad--when someone is sick and calls for me I'm all like "WHAT? What is THIS?"
    Hope the sleep schedules get straightened out soon!

  • Wendymom

    Hey, the sunrise picture is SO AWESOME-- what a great reminder that God is there to greet us anew each day.

    I particularly loved seeing the pic of the kids all crammed in the shopping cart-- no wonder you were so tired-- what did that weigh, like 120 pounds?!? No wonder SB looks so tired, and is actually not "posing" for the pic for you-- you made HER push the kids didn't you?!? And where did you put the merchandise?

    So glad to see the new car-- you know how we LOVE the Honda vehicles here at my house. They really do have great reliability.

    Still praying for you every day, and praising God for the answered prayer on your behalf.

    Lots of love and hugs to you all!

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