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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Need To Know

We are having our dinner to thank our supporters coming up soon, and I am wondering if anyone has some AWESOME, and I mean AWESOME recipes for cooking up food for a TON of people. And I mean a TON, I say a TON of people.

We are planning: hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, salt potatoes, chips, veggie trays, mac salad, and cake. We have not defined exactly what will go into the mac salad, so we are open for suggestions.

If anyone has ideas as to what other EASY, I repeat EASY, and CHEAP, I say CHEAP foods we could do for more than 50 people, I am dying to know your secret.

And I may be willing to pay you handsomely.

But the Prince won't let me.

Because my Yosemite Sam impersonation isn't prize money worthy. Yet.

Just know that I will forever be in your debt, and will sing your praises (well, commend you, not really a worship-type thing, because that could turn out to be blasphemous) from this here blog the day after the party.

If my brain isn't too fried from all the PEOPLE! and the last minute PACKING! And all the FOOD PREPARATION!

So, lay it on me! Give me your best tried and true famous "battin'-a-thousand-cookin'-for-at-least-a-hundred" recipes. Remember the criteria: CHEAP! and EASY!

Kinda sounds like my roommate in college.

Anyhoona, now is the time to delurk (literally to come out of hiding from reading but NEVER leaving comments) all you lurkers, and give up the goods.

'Cause the Yosemite Sam in me? SOOOO dying for good party food. And the shaking and having a fit thing when Yosemite doesn't get his way? Not so pretty. I NEED YOUR HELP!!



  • Megan (FriedOkra)

    I don't really have any great huge quantity recipes. What dishes are you looking for? You already have a great list of food... do you need desserts or ?

  • Brenda

    Cheap and easy for lots of people? OK..I have a fabulous thing I like to call...Ritz crackers with squirt cheese. No? OK, don't despair, I have others...chips and dip, microwave popcorn...

    Oh, I can see I'm not going to be any help.

  • Victoria

    Forgive me for needing the clarification, but, do you need recipes falling into the categories you mentioned or do you want other ideas? Let us know SOON!!

  • Anonymous

    Darlin', just make it a potluck! Or, there's always platters from your neighborhood warehouse store. Best Blessings,


  • Ruth

    ahhhh.....i read this post too late. i have an AWESOME AWESOME easy to make recipe that involves tortilla and chicken. mmmmmm.

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