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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Deep Thought Thursday: There's No Place Like Home

Cries of 'Daddy's home!!!' have never sounded so good to my ears as they did last night. The Prince arrived home about 5PM after having driven to Ohio to deposit our things into "the container".

And I am so glad he was happy to be here. And that he missed me. And that he gave me long kisses and tight embraces. Ahh, it is a good thing to be happily married.

So, that brings me to the thought of the day: Does your family say "There's No Place Like Home?"

What are our responsibilities as wives and mothers to make our home the place our family wants to be? I know we've all heard things like 'make sure you have on clean clothes and brushed hair when the hubby comes in', or 'have dinner waiting with a cheerful attitude'. I agree those things are all good, but I think there's more to it.

To make our home a place our family wants to be, we need to be the kind of person they like spending time with. And I don't just mean tolerate, but really enjoy being around.

So I heartily recommend:
1. Listening to your children the 500th time they say "Hey Mom.."
2. Cheerfully clean up spills and remind the spiller in a kind voice that it's ok. And mean it.
3. Take pride in serving healthy and delicious food to your family.
4. Teach your family good manners by using them with each other. (Instead of demanding, or never saying please)
5. Have the law of kindness in your tongue.
6. See their needs as an opportunity to minister to them- not as a nuisance.

What am I missing? What kind of things do you do to make your home a place your family wants to be?


  • Mary

    Hooray for kisses and tight embraces from the Prince. And packed containers!
    Now go upstairs and poke Mrs. Crack-a-lackin' to pick a date we can get together....I want to give you sugar in person. :)

  • Victoria

    I'm short on longsuffering! The younger the children, the more forgiving. Unfortunately, mine are getting older!

  • Christina

    This post was a great reminder that we can all improve "our house" to make it a "better home." Thanks for blogging in such a fun way! Love it and love ya too!

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