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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OH!! THE!! PACKING!!.......AGAIN!!


I could die right now without looking at cardboard, or tape, or a sharpie ever again and be a happy woman. Yes, seeing those items in the near future would not be a good thing.

Because they may make me start to twitch.

I cannot tell you the agonizing I have done over the past 24 hours about what to put in the airplane cases, and what to send on the container. The container that I will see neither hide nor hair of for over two months. Think of the implications, people!!

Why all the drama? Well, turns out things are not what we had originally planned. The Lord has lead us (*cough*through just the sheer physical impossibility of the original plan*cough*) in another direction. And I have been none too calm about it.

Thank the Lord for good friends with solid thought processes (Wendy) that talk you down from the edge, take the spoon away, and hide the ice cream from you. And the chips and salsa. Because a Mom who has had less than 10 hours of sleep over two days cannot be making big decisions all hopped up on salt and sugar.

You can't buy that kind of loyalty, people.

Because without the Prince here, I felt a little unsure, doubtful, scared if you will, that I would make the wrong decision. And that our whole first few weeks (months) in South Africa would be ruined. And our kids would hate the mission field, all because I packed things the wrong way.

Don't roll your eyes. It could happen.

Anyway, I did finally take a deep breath and decide that some of it could wait until tomorrow. So I have decided I will write this post, put on my jammies, snuggle my Cinderella (who is still awake now at 12:32 AM) and then fall blissfully unconscious.

Until we start this circus again tomorrow.

With the VAN! PACKING!

Oh, I beg for your prayers my friends, so my head doesn't explode.

Because I just don't have it in me to clean another mess.


  • Megan (FriedOkra)

    What changed in the plan? When are you leaving again? Is your ticker still accurate?

  • Brenda

    Oh I would so be stressing over this packing too. If I were there, I would stress with you.
    Have you seen Sara's blog with all the downsizing photos? Yeah, they now live in an RV. So, we really can live with lots less than we think we can.
    And? Go get some colored sharpies. They will make you happy!

    Here's the pictures of Sara's house when they downlized to like 300 square feet or something like that. They have gone smaller since then. These always inspire me about WHAT WE REALLY NEED! http://www.flickr.com/photos/happyjanssens/sets/72157600025082938/

  • Summer in FL

    Oh I don't envy you at all. Packing is the worst! What changed in your plan? Are you leaving early?

    I'm praying for you!

  • JulieMom

    Ok, the change in plan is that we cannot take our bedding on the plane. Just not enough room.

    Which leaves me to fill more packing boxes, tape them up, inventory them, and shove them aside before tonight when we get ready to load them all in the van to take them to the container tomorrow.


    Brenda- you come on over and stress with me. I could use the company!

  • Ruth

    ahhhh -- sounds crazy! praying for wisdom and peace for you. shalom and love.

    thinking about you....

  • Victoria

    You remain in my prayers!

  • Aimeemom


    I am SO EXCITED for you all!!! When we saw you @ Wendy's-- aka mrs. crackalackin--- it was but a dream. We will be so praying for you guys. 20 days-- awesome. It will be so exciting for the girls, and they will NOT CARE what specific clothes or WHATEVER they can't find once they are in A- country. Hang onto Jesus for the wild ride..We Love you!!.....Now about Wendy having some thought solid processses.Is this not the same woman who makes up words to express herself?? Love you from our tribe to yours-- Aimeemom aka mommabear..... (Just kidding Wendy when u read this!)

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