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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Likes of Which I'll Never Hear Again....Praise Jehovah!

Well, I just arrived home yesterday from NYC with the in-laws. What a time we had! It was fun to be there with them, and see them, and get to kiss and hug on them. But I tell you, honestly, my ears will never be the same.

Why, do you ask?

Because of a little thing called My Big Fat Greek News Program During Elections.

I know you are all dying to truly understand the agony I went through this past week, so I will tell you how you can experience it for your very own self. Because I know you are dying to experience another culture. Especially in a way that can physically injure you. Let's get started!

First, you need to invite three or four of the loudest people you know over to your house. (They do not need to be your friends- just loud.) I'm thinking Jesse 'The Gov.' Ventura, and Rosie O'Donnell, and Michael Moore, and Chewbacca all qualify.

Next, tell them they are to interview each other. But in a language that no one can prove is real. And at the top of their collective lungs. Oh, and they should also interrupt each other every time someone opens their mouth. So that the effect is something like what I imagine the whole Tower of Babel debacle was like.

And give a Deaf two year old an air horn and tell him to hold the button down as long as he likes.

Then after you videotape them doing this for 47 hours straight, replay it during all meal times, when people want to have quiet conversation, and just generally any time the silence just gets to you. Oh, and don't forget to turn the volume up as loud as humanly possible. Because the yelling? Just not loud enough.

Then you will truly have experienced My Big Fat Greek News Program During Elections.

And when the actual elections are over? Oh, well, then you can watch the losers complain on tv about how they lost. Of course you will understand nothing because they are speaking a foreign language and all, but your in-laws will gesture towards the tv and complain about the losers complaining.

So it is, in a word, FUN.

Apparently the Greeks love politics as much as Americans love football. Or Food Network.

But I never watch Food Network with an air horn in the background. Not usually anyway.


  • Wendymom

    It's true, too true, y'all! I actually spoke to Julie on the phone from her in-laws-- and I kid you not-- I could hear what sounded like a minor war in the background!

    What is it with people from that generation? Is it because the TV was invented during their "time" that they think it must be:
    1.) On at ALL times, day or night..
    2.) Turned loud enough for the people on the international space station to hear...
    3.) If they have more than one TV, they are placed in different rooms, only about 5 feet away, and tuned to 2 different channels at the same time!

    Seriously, my in-laws (whom I love dearly), will literally have 2 TV on in a 10 foot radius of each other, turned so loud that conversation is prohibited, and then look at you funny if you ask to turn it off or down during a meal. It's too crazy--

    I guess I just know if I had my TV on like that all day that I would NEVER get anything done!

    God bless you-- hopefully your hearing will return soon, 'cuz I know for the world's most "silence loving woman"- that was pure torture!

  • Victoria

    My ears hurt just reading about it! Would love to know how the air-horn came into play!

  • JulieMom

    Ah, the air horn is in the background of all the newscasts "live" from Greece. When they're out in the crowds of the political unrest.

    People have air horns, and play them at all times. It's totally obnoxious, and I don't see how the news people even get out coherent words. So weird!!

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