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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Samuel the Joyful- A Lesson in Joy

Here's Another Kids' Book I Wrote in the 'Fruit of the Spirit' Series.

In a little mouse village
Somewhere in the south
Lived a group of sad mice,
Always down in the mouth.

The reason for grumps
Among such a large bunch,
I don’t rightly know:
But I do have a hunch.

There’s a story I’ll tell
If you’ll listen a while,
'bout a sweet mouse named Samuel
Who turned frowns into smiles.

Sam’s journey began
A long time ago.
He arrived in the village
As it started to snow.

He had just lost his job,
And spent his last dime.
Yet this mouse had true joy
And he sang all the time.

He had since found a job
As a Post Office Mouse.
He delivered the mail
To each business and house.

This day- almost done,
Just three more stops!
So he brought in the mail
To the mouse barber shop.

“What a horrible day!
This snow is a curse!”
Griped the local mouse barber.
Samuel said “Could be worse!

You’ve a home and you’re healthy,
Your business is good.
Now let’s see a smile,
Don’t you think that you could?”

The barber, he huffed
But had nothing to say.
Samuel gave him his mail
And went on his way,

Delivering envelopes,
Boxes and bags.
Gave the bank clerk her things-
“You’re the last stop I have!”

Then he walked to town square
Where the mice were all crowding,
And waiting for the town Christmas tree.
Some were shouting:

“Late every year!”
Grouched a grumpy old mouse.
“I shoulda stayed home
Nice and warm on my couch!”

“What, and miss all the fun?”
Samuel said with a grin.
“Look- the tree is here now
And the show will begin!”

Then the mice turned and looked
It was finally here!
The town Christmas tree-
Samuel let out a cheer:

“Turn on the lights!
Oh, I can’t wait to see!”
“Will you stop?” said the farmer,
“You’re bothering me.”

But Samuel just smiled
And looked at the tree.
“Sorry, Friend, I will shush.”
But his eyes filled with glee.

Then the Mayor of the mice
Clambered up on the stand
And said “Please, please will
Somebody give me a hand?”

So the sheriff stepped up
And said “Yes, yes I’m here.
Let’s hurry along now,
Let’s don’t take all year.”

Just then the town gossip
Named Snitch came in view.
He begged “Hold it- Please help!
...I don’t know what to do!”

The Mayor then looked up and said
“What’s all the trouble?”
Then Snitch said: “To Samuel’s
House now- on the double!”

The whole town complained
As they crunched through the snow.
“Why are we going?
Does anyone know?”

When the mice turned the corner
They saw right away,
Samuel’s house was on fire!
Oh- just another bad day.

“We should have expected
The worst- this is true!
Said the Mayor to poor Samuel
“Now what will you do?”

Then the fire mice came
With their trucks and their hose.
They put out the fire and warned
“Don’t get too close!”

Samuel just watched,
Not a tear, sigh or sob.
And he said “That’s alright,
I am trusting in God.”

Then Samuel took time
And shared with the town,
How God had been good-
Never once let him down.

“I know that God loves me.
He’ll provide for my needs.
I am so very thankful,
And, joyful I’ll be.

So you see now,” Said Samuel
“It’s not hard to rejoice.
But joy doesn’t just happen,
You must make it your choice.

It starts with being thankful
Way down in your heart.
Like for family and friends-
That's a pretty good start.”

Then the mice looked as
Though someone turned on the lights.
They said “Yes, I think Samuel
Explained it just right!”

“We’ve an extra room Sam,
You can come live with us.
But it’s nothing too fancy.”
Said the Driver of the bus.

Then the other mice offered
What they could to Sam.
With his heart full, he shouted:
“Sam the Joyful I am!”

From that snowy night on
They were never the same,
Because of one little mouse-
Samuel was his name.

They began to be thankful
And chose to have joy.
This affected them all,
Even mouse girls and boys.

So if you should travel
Somewhere in the south,
You won’t find that mouse village
All down in the mouth.

Instead you’ll find joy!
Lots of bright mousey smiles.
And their singing can be heard
From ‘round three country miles.

So don’t you be sad
If things don’t go your way.
Remember those mice
And choose joy every day!


  • Janice

    Do you have an Illustrator? "Cuz I really-really like pictures~ I failed my recent grammar test.

  • jen

    ha. I told her all she needed now was an illustrator & off to the publishers she goes...

    Julie...you're amazing. too bad there's not a nice village of mice that I could photograph...drawing is just not my strong suite!

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