I Chronicles 29:11 "Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty:for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all."

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Princess Collecting King- A Lesson in Meekness

There once was a little kingdom
That had princesses galore.
And though the castle was filling up,
The King kept asking for more.

“More princesses!” the King would demand
“We must have more of them NOW!”
And though his advisors had warned him of ruin,
The King wanted them anyhow.

“We’ll have the best, the biggest and brightest
Castle in all the land!
And the way we determine the rate of success
Is by the princesses we have on hand.”

Now the castle, once large and impressive
Was becoming filled to the brim!
And what did the princesses think of the King?
Well- they were all angry with him!

There were princesses in every turret,
And ladies in every room.
Their arms were poking out windows
And the advisors were dreading their doom.

“More princesses!” the King said one morning.
And the advisors started to shake.
Not from nerves, but real shaking!
The castle was full- and now it started to quake.

First the turrets came crumbling, tumbling down,
And the princesses fell with them too.
When the second floor walls with their princesses crashed,
The advisors knew just what to do.

First they bandaged and sent all the princesses home.
(Each with a bag full of money no doubt.)
And they sat with the king by his throne in the mess
And tried to straighten him out.

“Now Sire,” said the Duke “can you please now admit
That your plans went a little awry?
To hold all those princesses, you’d need a castle
At least three or four times this size!”

Before he could finish what he planned to say
To convince the King he was wrong,
The King’s eyes, they shone and his nostrils, they twitched
And his voice- well, it rattled along:

“We’ll make our castle bigger!” he said with a shout,
“So big it will touch the sky!
But we must start right now and finish it soon!
I want one that’s ten stories high!”

The advisors, in shock, just stood frozen there,
With nothing more could they do.
So instead of obeying this lunatic King,
They quit! (I think I would too!)

“Halt! Wait! Stop!” The King’s booming voice rang
“I’ve a plan, a wondrous idea!
But I need your help, I can’t do it alone….”
“Forget it,” they said “we’re out of here!”

So the King looked around at the rubble he caused,
And his mouth turned into a frown.
Perhaps he was wrong- it was possible, right?
Now his castle was crashed to the ground.

What he saw next was his daughter princess
With a sad look and tears in her eyes.
“What’s the matter,” she said “aren’t you happy with me?”
Then she sat on a boulder and cried.

“There, there” said the King “What’s the matter my sweet?
Is there something that I can do?”
And the princess, she wiped the tears from her cheeks,
And said “Yes! I want more time with you!

“All these weeks turned to months while the princesses came,
And still you were not satisfied.
What did I do that was so badly wrong
That you needed more people than I?

“Do you think that it’s good, or right in the least
To have a castle so full
That all those inside are a miserable bunch
And those outside all name you a fool?

“I know I am small, but I think I am right
When I say that you must be confused.
A kingdom that’s biggest, and brightest and best,
Well, Papa that must start with you.

Think of others, your majesty” the little one said
“And not only just your own self!
And that kind of kingdom is a snap to rebuild.
I’m sure everyone would want to help.”

And then she skipped off while the king was in thought:
“Could that little child be right?”
And then as the sun sank slowly away
The King said “Alright- let’s start tonight!”

The announcement was made far and wide in the land
That the king changed his royal mind.
He was sorry for being so selfish and said
“Please forgive me, I want to be kind.”

So the people came slowly from far and near
And together they worked and they slaved.
At the end of three months the castle was done,
And the king had a big party day!

From that time on the kingdom was changed!
And was now a most happy place.
They showed self-control, they put others first,
And the King had a smile on his face.


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