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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Pride of the Rooster (A Lesson in Meekness)

*This is a story I wrote for my Princesses. It is a poem story, and one in a series that I started on the Fruit of the Spirit. Please bear with the format of typing. I didn't want the post to look three miles long, so I did the stanzas like sentences instead. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE feedback. Have at it!*

The Rooster of Ide, It was known far and wide, Was extremely proud of his voice.
He was cocky and mean, Always boss on the scene. (This did not make the barnyard rejoice.)
Trouble started one day ‘bout the second of May When the farmer brought in a new kid.
The Rooster pretended, When his song had ended, That he hadn’t seen. (But he did.)

When the farmer had gone And the kid was alone, The Rooster stepped up to him then.
And said “Hey there new guy, You look kinda shy.” The Donkey said “Wanna be friends?”
The Rooster just laughed And said “Look at that! The kid thinks he’s equal with me!”
All the animals scoffed Then slowly walked off. This was not something they wished to see.

“Now you listen up dear,” Said the bird in his ear, “I’m the big boss here ok?
And no-one can move, Eat, breathe or snooze Without my approval or say.”
The Donkey looked down, His eyes cast to the ground And said “Ok, I understand.”
Then he walked through the door. He was hoping for more Than a bossy guy giving commands.

As he walked away In search of some hay, He stumbled upon an old mare.
“Howdy.” Said she. “Hey,” said the Donkey “Do you think that the Rooster is fair?”
The Mare said “Well no, But you're new here and so, I’ll tell you this one little thing.
What we need to show him Is some animal kin, I mean one that really can sing.

Someone to challenge His voice and allow him To make a grand fool of himself.”
“Well, that’s not for me,” Said the humble Donkey. “Better put that idea on the shelf.”
Then Donkey walked off, Cleared his throat with a cough, And started singing his favorite piece.
Now the mare when she heard Said “I must spread the word! The Donkey’s a singer?!? Sweet!”

Then the mare she went back To the barn for a snack, And told a fat hog what she heard.
“If you listen to me, Well I think you’ll agree, The Donkey out-sings the old bird!”
That hog told the sow Who then told all the cows, So eventually everyone knew.
If the Rooster would hear, This would be crystal clear. Then the Mare spoke up as if on cue:

“I will challenge the bird, Make sure everyone’s heard, Just after he’s finished his song.
But I must be supported.” “You got me!” The Hog snorted “Let’s plan then, we don’t have too long.”
Next day after dawn When he’d finished his song, The Rooster prepared for a nap.
The Mare wasted no time, Kinda yelled, kinda whined: “Oh Rooster, your singing was flat!”

Now everyone knows This Rooster who crows Is a prideful and most cocky bird.
Said he to the Mare: “What do you know- so there! This thing you accuse is absurd!”
Now the other barn fowl And beasts gathered ‘round. They all followed the plan just right.
Said the Mare: “Oh, really? You should hear the Donkey. He gave quite a concert last night.”

Donkey’s head swung around And the Rooster did frown “How dare you all challenge my skill?!
The next full moon night, With all barnyard in sight We’ll compete and I’ll beat him- I will!”
Then the crowd turned away, Got prepared for the day And the farmer soon came with his son.
They fed all the sheep, Slopped the pigs, counted peeps, Then milked all the cows one by one.

Later that night With no Rooster in sight, The Donkey approached the old Mare.
“Why’d you do that to me?” Asked the lowly Donkey “You didn’t ask me- that's just not fair!”
“Well, your singing is great! It’s really first rate!” Said the Mare. “We all know you’ll win.”
Then the Mare shook her head, Stamped her front hoof and said “We just need your help to beat him.”

Donkey wandered away Past the large bales of hay To another part of the yard.
“Lord what should I do? I sing only for You! A contest like this- well it’s hard.
My purpose is only To give You all glory. And in Your guidance I trust.
I don’t want to do it, But if You approve it, Well then I guess that I must.”

Just then a bright light Fell across the dark night. A shooting star lit up the sky.
“Little Donkey,” said God “I know it seems odd, But please do it- you’ll later see why.”
The Donkey just nodded And with his nose prodded A little stone in the dirt.
“Since You’ve said ok, I will practice all day. Being prepared never hurts.”

The Rooster however, Thought himself clever, So sure he would win easily.
So he made the choice To just rest his voice. “Why waste it on practice?” thought he.
As the days flew along Donkey practiced his song. Then the night of the contest arrived.
Said the Rooster “My foe, Are you ready to go? You may choose who will start- you or I?”

Donkey just bowed, And backed into the crowd. So the Mare said “The contest begins!”
Rooster sang out a song, It was loud, it was long. Then he said “May the best Rooster win!”
Our friend Donkey moved in From the crowd as they grinned, And he started his favorite song.
It was soft, it was sweet. They all thought “What a treat!” And soon the whole farm sang along.

The winner, you bet, Was the Donkey and yet, He felt that his job wasn’t done.
“Hey Rooster, my friend, Before the night ends, Will you please sing with me just one song?”
Rooster’s frown turned upbeat On his bossy old beak. Though he knew they made the right choice.
As they sang out in ‘D’ Rooster said to Donkey, “You know kid, you’ve got a nice voice.”

Rooster changed after that, No more pride- that’s a fact! He likes others singing along.
For the old bird had learned By your pride you’ll get burned, And that friendship's a beautiful song.


  • jen

    I'm blown away!! I've always thought "who are these people who can tell a whole story in rhyme????"

    now I know one! great job! now you've just got to find an illustrator...or do you do that, too?

  • FriedOkra

    I saw this a few days ago... did you take it down and repost it? What I thought when I saw it at first was, I wonder who wrote this... where she found it... it's not footnoted or anything. Come to find out YOU wrote it. I am very jealous of your abilities (in a good way!) and think you really could write kid's books. Very very very good stuff. Funny, easy to understand, but still very bright and intelligent. I'd buy it!

  • Ruth

    WOW!! you are a woman after my own heart!! you have a gift sister.

    i write kids stories in "poem format" too. i especially love yours....

    keep writing...

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