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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Reminiscent of William Shatner, eh?

I could've used a beaming up today, I'll tell ya.

Well, the Prince, the Princesses, and I headed out in our royal marshmallow carriage to do some shopping. Perhaps 'some shopping' is a little misleading. What we were really trying to do was make the manufacturers pay us to take their stuff.

And it almost worked.

We sure cashed in on the 'Back to School' and 'Pimp Your Dorm' sales. Oh, yes indeedy-do we did! (Although there will be absolutely NO Pimpin' at the castle. Ever.)

I suppose you are interested in what it was that we were actually looking for, eh? Well, we were told by Lucinda to bring things like sheets, blankets, bathroom towels, etc. because the quality for the price is much better here than in SA. (SA= South Africa- remember that.)

So we were on a quest. A mission, if you will. Our goal? To find bedding and towel-etry at affordable prices, that wouldn't damage our retinas with their "we're-on-sale-for-a-reason" selves. And we succeeded.

Big time.

Oh, and we were also bribing the girls.

First stop on the Bargain Trail? Kohl's of course!! And we were not disappointed. They had just about everything in the store marked FREE! Ok, not free, but MANY THINGS DISCOUNTED A WHOLE LOT. Seriously. We got bath towels for $9.99. Big towels. Nicer towels than we have ever owned.

We didn't buy too many, but we thought that we should take some new towels with us because most of what we own were the Prince's from back when he was single. And apparently in need of exfoliating in his nether regions. Because his old towels? Not so soft.

We looked high and low in the bedding department, and all I can say is: "Holy retinal bleeding, Batman!!" I mean, according to the bedding left in the 'Bargain Department', you would think perhaps that the 'Clockwork Orange Decorating Factory' had designed the summer line for Kohl's. And that, my friends, is not worth describing. Because I care about your mental health. And stuff.

OH! And I almost forgot about the skivvies!!

Like you needed that mental picture. Sorry. But they were on sale big time!! And that is important when you're trying to stock up on those things that you will need for the next TWO YEARS. Two years worth of skivvies people! (I'll let you think on that a while.)

Oh, and then there's the backpacks. Mini, small-princess-type backpacks. On wheels. Could things get any cuter? Oh yeah, $12.99 each. That, in my book, is cute! And the princesses were so taken with them. Good thing too, because they are their new carry-on bags for the pane trip.


Sorry, the overwhelmingness got to me for a minute.

Can you believe the spell checker went crazy when I typed overwhelmingness??

Anyhoona, (ignore Wendy's dirty look) after all this shopping and good deal finding, you are probably thinking we were done. Right? NO! We were just getting started. Next stop? THE MALL!

Macy's had nothin'. Surprised? Me- not so much.

So we headed to Sears. Because that's where the Brady Bunch shops. And they were also having a HUGE One-Day Sale. And I am a sucker for a HUGE One-Day Sale. Mh-Hmm.

And we hit the bedding jackpot.

WAIT! I must reveal to you the ugly truth of what happened in between all the goodie-hunting-bargain-finding.

My kids were whining.

Two of them specifically were HUNGRY! and TIRED! OF! WALKING! And taking turns puddling themselves into little princess puddles in the aisles. And it's only Saturday, so thank God the mall was empty. As it usually is on Saturday.


"Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up." (Know the movie?)

After getting the Bedding PAYLOAD at Sears, we headed to the counter. And the real fiasco started. Because my kids, by this time, are calm, collected, and absolutely not one stitch tired anymore. It was a summer miracle! (And if you believe that, I have some land in Nevada I'd like to sell you...e-mail me...)

So the one comforter set we picked up was a full, when we really wanted two matching twins. Ugh!! What do we do?!? Well, we ask the cashier to call the next mall over and see if THEIR Sears has it. So she calls. And apparently Chewbacca was manning the Customer Service Phoneline, because our cashier repeated herself multiple times. Then looked at me and rolled her eyes. And then we laughed together. It was a Kodak moment.

After a delay of about six months, we found out THEY HAD ONE LEFT. And they were putting it on hold for JulieMom. Life, at this juncture, was GOOD. Because we found sheet sets buy one get one free. Oh yes indeedy-do WE DID.

So after bribing silence from the children (well, two of the children- the other one is an 80 Y.O. in a 6 Y.O. body and totally in control of her person) with soft pretzels, we hitched up the marshmallow carriage and took a ride to the neighboring Sears.

And on the way there the two youngest fell into a carb-induced coma. So Sleeping Beauty and I were able to sneak into Sears by ourselves and shop together. It was so fun!!

And we found the rest of the bedding royal dreams are made of.

So, we are all now happily stocked with linen-ish things for the upcoming move.


That overwhelmingness never goes away, does it? At least I can have comfort in the fact that we saved over sixty percent today. Multiple times.

And THAT, my friends?


And THIS, my friends?

The longest blog in all of Blogdom.


  • W

    Um, OK ma'am, where are the pictures for all of blogdom to see the awesome deals you got?? I KNOW you want to post ones with those comforters..

    So, get to crack-a-lackin'....

  • Megan (FriedOkra)

    You got a lot accomplished. Bedding and Skivvies. What else could you really need?

  • Janice

    It's like one goes with the other, huh, FriedOkra?

    Well Juliemom, I am thrilled... but I have some news for you... and while I realize it is a little late it is not too late. I have a coupon worth an EXTRA 30% off all purchases at Kohls-good until tuesday!! And I realize you have to use a Kohls charge, but I have one and you could just pay me back! (I do love you, but not enough to gift you with that much of a purchase!!! ) So are we going to Kohls? ... My card is only a little smokin' from my last two trips there!~ Did you notice how well dressed all my children were this morning at Church?!?!?

  • Michelle

    Movie trivia, where the quote came from . . "The Prince's Bride" . . .or is it the princess bride? I get confused easily these days . . .
    well, I had to snort, laugh and guffaw through your long but worth it post . . .
    It was just what I needed today though . . . THANK YOU!

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