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Saturday, August 18, 2007

OCTOBER 16, 2007

Oh, yes Ma'am....WE HAVE A DEPARTURE DATE!!!

This morning at approximately 11 AM, we purchased our tickets to go to South Africa.

*twitches a little while stifling a scream*

Wowza!! Now I know exactly how much time I have to get things packed, and to say my goodbyes, and whatever else needs done. I started my 'To Do Before the Move' list. Right now it has 26 or so items on it. I am sure if I do something NOT ON the list, I will be sure to add it, then cross it off. I do that a lot. It's therapy.

So, keep us in your prayers. We need them.

And you know, check out my new fancy 'Count-down to Africa' timer count-down thingy in the sidebar. Or above this post. Don't remember where I put it. :)

And please, don't worry. The blog will continue if at all possible. Even if I have to force Wendy to get a blog and post my posts from emails I send her.
Oh, and I know she will.

Because I know too much about her for her to decide otherwise. ;0)

So maybe pray for Wendy too.


  • Megan (FriedOkra)

    Cpngratulations! That's the day before Bean's third bday! :) Maybe Wendy should start her blog now, so we can get to know her and so she can get the hang of it, you know. I'll be needing a seamless transition, lest I fall apart. I'm not known for my ability to adjust to drastic changes. Anyway, I'm glad you've got blastoff and looking forward to hearing about your preparations.

  • Summer in FL

    Love your new do! So happy to hear about the tickets - I hope they didn't cost ya an arm and a leg. {singing probably way out of tune}"God is good, all the time, he put a song of praise in this heart of mine . . . God is good, God is good, ALL the time!" :-)

  • Summer in FL

    Ok - I'm not crazy . . . your blog did change right?

  • Wendy

    OK-- here's the thing about me starting a blog-- and I'll type it all in capital letters lest there be any confusion about whether I am actually shouting at the computer or not....

    I-- AM-- A-- COMPUTER-- DUNCE!!!!!

    C'mon, Julie and Janice know it to be true, but they love me anyway.

    Oh, the peer pressure is building..

  • Anonymous

    Wendy CAN do a blog, I know she can....and pssst Julie: I know lots of dirt on her too if you run out. hehehehe

    (your stalker friend via Wendy~MaryD)

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