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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Newsletter Phenom

Let me just start by saying newsletters can be helpful. Informative even. I get a few that I really look forward to because of the cute stories etc inside. But there are some organizations, we'll say, that just shouldn't bother with one.

The first being the garbage company.

I am not kidding. My FIRL Wendy and I were recently out and about at the Library for 'Climb Aboard' Day. (Which was awesome for the kids- all kinds of trucks, cars, construction vehicles etc for the kids to climb on and ask questions about. SO COOL)

Anyhoona, one of the Moms there was talking about newsletters or something. (I don't really know what happened, but I can tell you Wendy and I are experts at inserting ourselves into the conversations of strangers. I know, it's a gift.) So, she was sharing with us (or her friend before we butted in) how her community is SO SMALL that they send out a newsletter occasionally, and how her garbage company does too.


Say it with me, WHAT?!?

She was mentioning that her pick up day had changed, and she hadn't been informed. When she called the garbage company about it, the woman on the phone told her "Well, it was in the newsletter."

Wendy said she thinks it's just a ploy for job security. (Creating more garbage...)

So it got me to thinking, what could some possible articles be in a garbage company newsletter?

Do they mention by name those who leave too much garbage, or violate their pick-up policy? (Kind of like the list of those arrested in the local paper)

Do they leave you helpful hints at how to have a more successful garbage day?

Cleaning hints on how to make your garbage can sparkle?

Lifting techniques to get your can to the curb without injury?

I dare you to leave a comment and tell me your best title/description for a 'trashy' article.

Ok, not what the word 'trashy' normally means, but it was too good to pass up. Keep it clean.

COMMENT!! (You know you want to)


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