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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Banana Muffins- Silicone Style

I had been considering all the hype lately related to silicone bakeware. I had also considered silicone as an easy-to-pack-for-Africa option. And being a baking enthusiast, I decided it was my duty to share with all of blogdom the riches of baking with silicone. Hence, the following post.

So these are my new silicone cupcake cups. They were cheap, like six dollars from LTD. They are a good quality, and seem sturdy. Also, they are pretty colors. Which makes muffins look more festive. As do the chocolate chips inside.

These are the same cupcake cups, just filled up. I know, my mad trick photography skillz are astounding you. They were easy to fill. Almost like regular cupcake cups. Ok, exactly like the regular kind.

Look at that! The muffins baked and got brown! Silicone is AMAZING!! What's that? You want to see the pictures of how the banana and chocolate chip steaming goodness slid so easily from the silicone cups?

Well, I don't have any pictures of that.

Because that is not exactly how it happened.

We kind of had to eat them with a fork from the cupcake cups. Which was still fine, because they tasted good and all. It's just not how I dreamed my first time with silicone would be. I thought it would be wonderful, like, maybe I could almost get away with not washing the cupcake cups because the food would just slide right out...

The problem, I believe, lies in the fact that I used a cake recipe instead of a muffin/bread recipe. And I was in a hurry. Because the bananas I used were rotting by the second. So, believe me, I will be testing these silicone cupcake cups in the near future, and I will be sure to post the results.

Because I know you are all dying to see me mess it up again.


  • Megan (FriedOkra)

    I bought some heartshaped silicon muffin cups back in February. I haven't been brave enough to use them yet, though. I'll be curious to see what happens when you try again... I wonder if non-stick spray would be okay to use on the silicon?

  • Mary

    I used the SAME silicone muffin cups (I believe we share a friend, who gifted me these lovelies) and my muffins popped right out. really! Even when still hot, because I can't wait. My banananana bread recipe is really really moist though, I'll share if you want it. (not my muffins, those are gone, my recipe) LOL

  • ~J.Phil

    Hi! I believe that the trick with using silicone for baking is that to get that "just pops right out" effect you need to let the things cool down completely. They can't even be a little warm. I like warm out of the oven stuff too much, I always end up with a fork, or just ripping it apart with my hands. Yum.

  • jen

    hey, I just noticed you're elinor dashwood! me too :)

    and I don't have time for baking, so no silicone tips from me :-)

    well, actually, since it's just me EATING, I refrain from baking.

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