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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The 'Puking Child'- A Sing-Along!

Sung to the Tune of 'Gilligan’s Island'.
Go here to refresh your memory before singing my version. Enjoy!!

This was written at 4 AM. There is no promise of rhyme, meter, or proper spelling. There will be no song-guard available to pull you out of a bad rhyme scheme, or cheesy lyrics. Sing at your own risk.

"The Puking Child"
Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale to break your heart-
I was sleepin’ hard at 3 AM,
When I heard the gagging start.

Cinderella was a mighty puke machine,
I smelled it- I ain’t no fool.
The puke was runnin’ round her head
Like a nasty kiddie pool.

A nasty kiddie pool. [ sound of retching: blah! ]

I knew my night was getting rough,
Her cookies had been tossed.
If not for the courage of this fearless Mom,
The bed sheets would be lost.

The bed sheets would be lost.

I brought her to the bathroom- and undressed her then and there,
I tried real haaaaaaard, to be careful.
To not get puuuuuuuke in her haaaaaaair.
“Shower now- then we’ll get you back to bed.
Here’s some clean underwear!”

So this was the story of my Saturday night,
Won’t sleep for a long, long time.
I’ll have to make the best of things,
The smell’s burned in my mind.

The pillowcase and sheet set too,
Will look their very best
After a cycle on super-hot,
I’ll give them a sniff test.

No dyes! No bleach! No itchy skin!
My detergent- ERA free,
Like Johnson’s baby lotion
It’s soothing as can be.

So join me here again my friends,
You’re sure to get a smile,
From a sleep-deprived song-writer Mom,
And her puking child.


  • FriedOkra

    As much as I loved this tune, and I love it alot, I pray I never have to sing it myself! You are hilarious, woman! I hope none of the rest of you get the bug!

  • Suzanne - Daughter of the King

    So funny! sorry she was sick and praying your house is all better now. That is quite a gift God gave you!!! :)

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