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Friday, July 13, 2007

Only In NYC

So, the Prince and I went on an errand for Mama the other day to Home Depot. We were in search of some good weed killer. We thought the Home Depot near her home would have what we needed.

Oh did it have what we needed and so much more!!

This Home Depot is unlike any other I have ever seen. This one has 'Rocco's Philly Cheese Steaks' built into the front of it. Yes, you heard me right. There's a CHEESE STEAK SHOP BUILT INTO THE FRONT OF HOME DEPOT. Because, apparently, nothing says 'manly-man' more than the smell of peppers and onions and joint compound.

This isn't just any Cheese Steak Shop; it's ROCCO'S. Because that's SO NYC.

Maybe some people really do work up an appetite shopping for tools. Or home repair supplies. Some men are maybe so inept at home repair that they get a little 'verklempt', and need the soothing of a hot cheese steak to lessen their stress.

Or maybe groups of men use this as their "meeting hall". Maybe they all tell the wife "I'm just gonna run over to Home Depot and pick up some...(fill in the blank)". But they're really going to meet their local Royal Order of Water Buffalo brothers.

Because there are picnic tables outside to handle your large groups.

Or family reunions.

And you can't beat the view of the parking lot;

where you can watch Vietnamese men peddle carts full of clothing and toys. At discount prices. Because they're in a Home Depot parking lot.

Oh, and also for your convenience, when you're done with your cheese steak, you can just jump over a couple of parking spots for 'The Very Best' dessert. Where you can have your choice of Cones! Sundaes! Shakes! Slush!

Oh the joys of being in the city.


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