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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Best Pizza Happens on Accident....Sometimes

Well, I know I haven't posted this yet, but we are in NYC. We will be spending about a week and a half here just being with my in-laws. This post is all about the pizza we encountered on the way here. And I HAVE to post this, because I promised the Prince that I would show America what REAL pizza looks like.

Well, we only stopped at this place

because, well, we had waited too long to go to a Service area, and the food in those places is always so expensive. Like $14.99 for a Hamburger Happy Meal. So, we decided to take our chances on the first exit we came to.

I had my doubts, but when we walked in the door and saw the glass case full of THIN CRUST PIZZA, the Prince almost died and went to Heaven. Oh, and the place mats were oh-so-cute.

The greatest thing about places like this is that they are almost ALWAYS run by family. This place is so exception. I am sure the man who owns it is named Giuseppe Italiano, or something like that. The place was oozing with italian-ness. (And not just because they are known for greasing their hair either.)

Well, when we ordered, I knew the Prince would be extremely happy with the pizza. The location was close to NYC, which was our stopping point on this particular journey, and the crust was THIN.

So thin you could fold it in half and eat it that way. If you're a caveman. (No offense cavemen who may be reading- I do not work for Geico.) Notice the New York-iness of the Prince with his Mets hat, AND folding his pizza. Ah, home at last.

The only problem with thin crust pizza is that they often cut slices larger than small children's heads.

So the only option left is to put down that heavy pizza and eat it like a dog. It's also more fun, and surprisingly effective.

Well, after eating all that yummy (read: greasy) cheesy pizza, the Prince excused himself to the little boys' room. Thank God the place was practically empty because my children chose at that point to be the floor show for the afternoon. Sleeping Beauty was the conductor,

and Cinderella was singing at the TOP OF HER LUNGS the B!I!B!L!E!

Snow White resorted to the only talent she could think of at the time: Daring Feats With Straws.

And though I was laughing as I took these pictures, I made SURE the show was over before the Prince came out of hiding. And since this is a family-run business, and since the Italian thing to do is make sure everyone is well-fed, we cleaned our platter.

Because if we didn't, Mama Italiano surely would have gotten us. And stuffed our faces with cannolis. Maybe we should've left a little something after all. Anyway,
I am sure I caught the Prince licking the platter, but I promised I wouldn't tell you. It's not very Prince-like you know. More 'Prince of the Cavemen'-like.


Watch out NYC- here we come!!


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