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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Because Baking Should Be Fun!!

I read this blog from time to time, and have found it to be really cool. She has ideas for SO many things. Lately it seems 'not martha' has had a penchant for tiny baking. Like 'macro' tiny. I suggest you check it out. She has lots of crafty/foodie things. Enjoy!!

tiny pies
tiny donuts
tiny cupcakes

Oh, and up to this point, I have just been a lurker, and have not read everything in depth. So if there is questionable content, just don't look at it. And don't email me about it either. Thank you in advance!!

And for all you low-carb peeps out there, check out this site. It's chock FULL of recipes for ANY TYPE of food you could imagine- all LOW CARB!


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