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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Baba's Story

Last night we had a wonderful night talking with Jimmy's parents. I think with all the visiting to Lady Liberty, and whathaveyou, the Prince felt compelled to ask when, how and why Baba came to America. How great it was to hear this story from his own lips.

Now, before you read on I need to define some Greek words.
Baba=Daddy, Theo=Uncle

(Please resume warm fuzzy feeling created by the opening paragraph)

In April 1955, Baba came to America on $300. He had borrowed the money from his brother who had been in America four years already. Baba had wanted to come in 1951, but he had to fulfill his service for the Greek army.

Baba came on a boat with about 1,000 other Greeks seeking a better life in America. Remember, interntaional flights were in the distant future at this point. The trip was 12 DAYS long, and would have been nice, except that the boat didn’t sit deep enough in the water, and for almost half of the trip many people suffered with sea sickness. (Baba’s bunk mate being one of them)

Baba said the boat was nice, and there was a restaurant on board. But halfway through the trip with so many people being sick, one afternoon at lunch he and his two friends were the only ones there to eat!

They arrived at night, and the first thing they saw of America was Lady Liberty all lit up. They slept overnight at Ellis Island, and registered the next day.

Baba then moved to Delaware to be with his brother. He worked really hard, but was unsatisfied with his earnings. Even though he rented a room for only $4/week, he said at $25.50/week, he made more money in Greece!

He also said he worked like a dog. We know what that means here in America, but Mama laughed so hard when he said that, because there is a phrase in Greece they use that basically means ‘lazy dog’. Like “That man is a lazy dog.” So, she thought Baba was funny when he said that, and laughed a good five minutes about it. She also mentioned she never knew a dog that had a job. And she laughed hard again.

Eventually Baba went in search of more money, better opportunity. So NYC it was. He worked in restaurants, eventually owning his own. They settled into a very small apartment and had two children. A few years later they bought the house we are now staying in these two weeks.

As I was enjoying the fact that we had this wonderful conversation, and I knew so much history now to share with my girls when they get older, Baba made this statement:

"Sometimes I look back, and it's been a miserable life."

So, please pray, as I think the Lord is opening the door for us to share something better; Jesus.


  • Anonymous

    haha--you truly have a sense of humor! i really do laugh when reading your blogs. interesting story about Jimmy's parents! i am praying that they open their eyes about Jesus soon. -Carissa

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