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Thursday, June 21, 2007

To Nana's House We Go!

I grew up with the most AWESOME Grandma ever. Her name was Nan Pelfrey. (She picked that name before she knew Nanny was a goat.) Well, my mother died when I was a young teen, and I was always worried that there wouldn't be a Nana for them like there was for me. Someone who was there to let you do what your Mother wouldn't let you do, (like use scissors, glue, glitter, or anything else that actually needed cleaned up) and make cookies with you (letting you actually measure stuff).

Well, not to worry about that now, because God knows what my kiddos need, and he sent us NanaMary. Well, actually he sent ME NanaMary, and then I had kids and stuff. And she was there. And she loves them like a good Nana should.

Today was our first visit to Nana's house since the garden has been put in, and since the weather had been decent enough to go outside. So, now, I will give you the play by play in pictures and witty banter so you can feel like you were there. I was a little grumoy today, so I kinda wish you were there. 'Cause then I coulda taken a nap. Or watched tv, or blogged. Ok- on with the show!

The first thing we did in preparation for going to Nana's was to pack as big a bag as we could with all the art supplies Mommy doesn't like: fancy scissors, glitter glue, modeling clay, pipe cleaners...the list goes on. So, when we had like ten tons of things in a WalMart bag, we were all packed and ready. It was our opening act on Nana's table.

I was shocked and amazed to see that while we had all the craft things dumped on the table, my husband dug right in with us heading straight for the pipe cleaners. Who knew he had all this creative talent locked inside? If only I had known long ago that pipe cleaners would bring it out in him. *sob* We could've had some good times. I am a crafting Queen. A QUEEN I SAY!!



So this is what we made with the pipe cleaners. Flowers that are pretty and never need watering, or weeding, or fed, or given little pep talks to 'just keep growing'. I love that about pipe cleaner flowers.

And truth be told, Prince Charming made all the best ones. He really did!!

After we were done being crafty, we went outside to contend with real life weeds and bugs. The kids were really looking forward to helping Nana weed her garden. Because they don't know it actually involves work. Because they know they like to be outside. Swinging. And swimming. And running. And picking flowers. But pulling weeds? NOT SO MUCH. The following pictures are very misleading because they were taken within two nanoseconds of getting outside, and in the second picture ALREADY ONE HAS GONE AWOL.

But Nana and I continued to work diligently, and we were rewarded with a garden looking something like this:

Looks good huh? We are available for weeding your gardens nightly after 6 PM, and on weekends (aka Saturday) when we feel like it. Of course, all fees must be paid in advance, and we retain the right to not feel like coming. Ever. Oh, and no refunds.

So after all that back-breaking work, we decided it was time to take a break for lunch. And lunch we did! Can anyone say grilled baloney and cheese sandwiches? Yeah, wish I didn't. *stomach gurgles*

After lunch was over, and we were all supremely filled. We decided it was a perfect day to go strawberry picking. Apparently there is a chemical in baloney that causes parents to temporarily lose their minds and make commitments to things they never should.

Honestly, I was a hankerin' for some fresh berries, and didn't want to wait any longer for some. There is a great farm minutes, MINUTES I SAY from Nana's house, so we went. I AM SO GLAD WE WENT!! The kids had a blast, and we picked a ton of beautiful berries. Well, Daddy and I picked a ton of berries. Nana took two girls to the bathroom. One at a time. Because my kids' bladders are on a timer. None of them can go potty at the same time. We had it done right after they were born. It's a simple procedure really. I've heard lots of families have the same problem. I mean blessing. Maybe YOUR family does. You know who you are. So anyway, we don't let them go potty together. Because that's way too convenient. For me anyway.

Well, Cinderella ate most of what she picked. Oh, and her pants had some berries too. (see below) So, by the time the kids got back we were done. And I will tell you we stayed ten more minutes just to make sure the rest of the berries in the field were still good. And you know what? They were!!

We also were able to capture some great photos of our kids in nature. Cinderella took a sweet picture smelling flowers, and Snow White had a special moment with a deer. She is the queen of all woodland creatures, you know.

Ok, so it's not a REAL deer

When we got home and finished washing out Cinderella's pants, we broke out the recipe for magic milkshakes and added a half quart of strawberries. SO YUMMY!! You should try it. Really. What a great ending to a really great day. And that's all.


  • sisterwen

    Dude-- NO wonder you were so TIRED!!
    It's not the bologne and cheese sandwiches, but being outside in the fresh air-- it makes you temporarily loose your mind!!

    God bless you-- it looks like so much fun!!

    P.S. Bring me up one of those milkshakes ANY TIME. REALLY. ANY TIME!

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