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Saturday, June 30, 2007

That's Why I'm the Mom

There are certain things that separate the Moms from the kids. Certain sensibilities, character traits, if you will, that just set us apart. No matter how mature the toddlers may be, they sometimes need reminding that they're not the Mom. The following is a list I have compiled to show the reasons why I'm the Mom and They're Not. Add more to the list if you like, by leaving your comments.

1. I am NOT afraid of the self-flushing toilets at gas stations and restaurants.
2. I know that PB and fluff are not really food groups.
3. I know to use dishwasher soap, not liquid dish soap, in the dishwasher.
4. I can see over the shopping cart to buy groceries.
5. I do NOT do the potty dance in public.
6. I ALWAYS use a tissue instead of...
7. I do not complain about the food I slaved over for dinner.
8. I can reach the pedals in the van.
9. When Daddy asks me to do something, I do not crumple into a ball on the floor.
10. I am not afraid of the dark. Much.
11. I don't wonder how many Cheerios fit into my left nostril.
12. I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
13. I replace the toilet paper roll when it is empty. BEFORE the next person goes.
14. I do not flush when someone is showering.
15. I know that kicking and shaking something won't fix it.
16. I can dress myself without the patterns causing temporary blindness in others.
17. I do not pat large (un-pregnant) women's bellies and ask when their baby will come out.
18. I can write my name in cursive. Shorter than ten inches in length.
19. I do not throw a fit when it is time to go home.
20. I don't remember how to play Barbie.
22. I know there is more to life than Chuck E. Cheese and M&Ms.
22. I Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT say to complete strangers "You're old", while rubbing their head.
23. I know it is not funny to make a *tootie* on someone else's lap.
24. I do not hide my peas under the outside edge of my plate.
25. I no longer need spankings. So there.

And the main reason why I'm the Mom....well, because I went through nine months of agonizing aches and pains, and then another five years in labor, not to mention..(voice fades as the list goes on and on and on...)


  • Anonymous

    This list is fantastic. I can definitely agree with some of these, but I think I need a few more years practice before I will be able to say, "That's why I'm the Mom."

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