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Sunday, June 24, 2007

T-Ball Is More Than A Game, It's the Social Event of the Season

Our girls play T-ball. Well, they try to. And they do quite well. Ok, so maybe your definition of "play" isn't 'standing around chatting and giggling'. To actually play, I think it includes touching, and possibly *gasp* throwing the ball.

Well, my girls (Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty) have been on this T-ball team for many weeks. Maybe years now. I think the season lasts through at least three Haley's Comet sightings. But they are loving it. LOVING!IT! The first week they went my oldest said "Mommy, I wish every day was Saturday." I do too. But not because of T-ball. Not that I don't love T-ball. I do. Oh so passionately.


Today's game was very interesting. Many funny things happened this game. For one, it seemed lots of the girls were really into just standing around posing.

Making sure if they were going to be on the field then, by golly, they were going to LOOK GOOD. Even if they missed the ball. They just smile like some sort of T-ball beauty contest winner, and everyone says "Isn't she cute? Good try you cutie!" Because none of the parents actually know the other kids' names. That requires paying attention to the whole game. And listening.

Well, let me tell you, some of the girls on the team could use a few lessons in the 'cutie' department. There are a few of them you look at and say, "Oh- you have all brothers don't you?" You know the girls I mean. Those six year olds who throw the ball farther than my Dad, and don't care whether their hair is in their eyes, or your eyes either. Their shirts never match their pants, and they just look a little, how do I say this kindly? Disheveled.

There are other girls who only play because their family has to be there to watch brother play at 11AM, so why not sign sister up too? These are the girls you see shrink away from the ball when they are warming up throwing, or when it rolls on the ground to them, or when they hear the word ball used in conversation. These are the same girls who sit in the field making daisy chains while the other team bats, and don't care if the game is over or not. They could care less about T-ball. But by golly, they like their uniform and matching visor.

Then there are my children. They really do try. They want to know who is winning even though they know there are no records kept, they try to throw, and run fast, and they hit as hard as they can when it's their turn. When it's not their turn, they can be seen doing things like this:

Because they are CLEARLY there for the game.

My oldest, who is everyone's friend because that's the way God made her can frequently be seen gabbing with players from the other team while she is on base. And while it looks cute, and she is building "social skills that homeschool children so desperately need" (nudge nudge, wink wink), I really think she's psyching out the other team. Because everyone knows it only takes one compliment of another player's scrunchie/socks/shoes/hairdo to make them forget all about the game and start talking incessantly about where they got said item, and how they happened to wear it that day. Not very interesting, but it makes them miss the ball.

I can almost see her smirking.

And at T-ball, it's a fun thing to do cheers together. Not because of the team-building properties of a cheer, but because you get to scream at the top of your lungs. And throw your hands in the air. As a group. A loud group. And because it's girls, it's a loud, hands throwing in the air, screeching group. With wild hair.

And after the game they all walk around comparing Ring Pops, and saying things to each other in horrible British accents, like, "Helloooo guhls. Isn't it a looooo-ve-ly daaay?" All the while they flash their ring pops into the sun and show them off like they're the Hope Diamond.

Then they giggle and form a tight little band of femininity. It's all fun until one of the parents catches a snippet of what they've said and snorts about it. Then the band of girls collectively looks at the offending parent while their actual child says something like this: "Mo-o-o-om..." Delivered of course with a tilted head and disapproving look.

Oh yes, T-ball is THE social event of the season. Next Saturday is the last week...so get your cameras ready Friday night. Haley's Comet must be making an appearance soon. And if you miss the comet, you can always snap a photo of my kids posing on the bases.

This photo is included because Prince Charming actually snapped Sleeping Beauty throwing the ball IN THE AIR. I am so proud.


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