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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Deaf Weekend

Wow! What a fun night we had with visiting missionary Lucinda Radebaugh. She and her family are missionaries to the Deaf in South Africa. She is Deaf herself, and her husband is hearing. They have three girls (just like me), and they are the SWEETEST people! So, here are just a couple pics from our great time. I forgot to get the food on film. Sorry. It was delish.

Lucinda teaching

Teaching Some More

Sorry about the fuzzy pics. People who teach in sign language wiggle. A LOT. So it's hard to get a clear photo. You understand. :)

Our Group Tonight.

Lucinda taught from Acts 12. It's the story where Peter is imprisoned and set to be executed, but because the church prayed in specific ways for him, the Lord set him free, and he showed up at the prayer meeting! She shared with us the three 'P's of Prayer:
1. Prepare your own heart.
-Make sure you know people's real needs and not just pray for God to bless their ministry. That's nice to pray, yes, but we need to be more specific.
2. Prevent fear, panic, and hopelessness
-When we don't pray, we tend to be very nervous about things. If we haven't brought things to the Father, and don't have a history of trusting He will do it, then we will be full of fear, panic and hopelessness.
3. Plan to believe, listen and obey.
-We must be prepared when we pray to believe God will do it, listen to what He tells us, and then do it! We cannot pray for God's will in doubt, or with an attitude that will do what we want no matter what He tells us.

Maybe our prayers would be the only thing that prevents a missionary from leaving the field. It's not easy to be away from friends, and family and your home church. Loneliness can quickly turn to bitterness. We must be aware of missionary's specific needs, and pray for them. A blessed ministry is nice, but you can't eat a blessed church. We must remember to pray for their health, finances, relationships with others, their children, and for Satan to be bound against their ministry. Let's all commit together to do a better job of bringing our missionaries before God's throne.

So, if you want to know more about Chris and Lucinda, please check out their website here. They will be at my church on Sunday morning, so if you're in the area, click here for directions. We'll be having breakfast together at 8:30AM. See you then!! Blessings!


  • Carissa

    Oooo thanks for posting about the Ladies Bible study @ FFBC! I was wondering how it went and what Lucinda taught. I wished I was there! :) :)

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